All While Knowing You Have The Experts Taking Care Of You

The mild (or lack of) last winter has lead to a warmer spring and will lead to a hot summer. The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted April and May to be warmer than normal and the summer months to be hotter and rainier than normal.

            The hot summer puts an increased load on your air conditioning system. This increases your electric bill and increases the chance of breakdowns. recommends replacing your air conditioner if it is more than 10 years old. They state that you can save up to 20% on your utility bill by doing this. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning says their equipment can save you an average of 38% – 55% on your yearly cooling costs, depending on what efficiency rating you invest in.

            The Center for Disease Control says that children under 4 and people over 65 are at a greater risk of heat-related injuries. They also say that people with existing medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease are also at a higher risk from extreme heat.

            Some people put off replacing their air conditioner until it breaks down and can’t be repaired anymore. If this describes you, get ready for a hot week or two this summer. During day three or four of a 95-degree week, you could be waiting a day or two to get someone to repair your air conditioner and a week or two for the installation of a replacement. During the springtime there is a smaller waiting list to get your air conditioner fixed or replaced. If you get it done early, you won’t have to put your health and comfort at risk during an unexpected breakdown.

            Last summer Sue and her family needed a new heating and cooling system. She wasn’t exactly sure who to call. How would she know who to trust?

            Like most people Sue asked her friends and family and went to Google for answers and verification. Sue called one of the recommended companies and ultimately chose them because of their superior warranties, guarantees, reviews, and reputation.

            She had a new furnace and air conditioner installed and this is what Sue said afterwards about the company she hired “Professional, Friendly, Prompt, Insightful, Ethical, Trustworthy, Attentive, Respectful…….I could go on further but I think you get the point”.

            Who did she hire? She hired the company that wrote the book on home safety and comfort. She hired BOSS Services. Owners Jerry and Jeff Street have been on multiple news networks and they wrote a book called The BOSS Guide To Keeping Your Home Safe And Comfortable.

            BOSS Services’ has better warranties and more guarantees than any other home service company in Southwest Michigan. Sue particularly liked their “One Year” Test Drive Guarantee. This guarantee states that if you are unhappy with your installation and we cannot fix it, BOSS Services will remove the system and refund 100% of your original investment at any time during the first year.

            BOSS Services also includes a 10 year parts AND labor warranty with all of their heating and cooling equipment. That means if anything breaks in 10 years, you do not have to pay for the repairs.

            BOSS Services has over 100 years of combined experience, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and they are Google Guaranteed. Google has run independent background checks on the company, owners, and employees and offer their own money back guarantee as part of the Google Guarantee program.

            BOSS Services does free in-home and virtual consultations for furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, geo-thermal, boilers, water heaters, water softeners, whole-home generators, and more.

            BOSS also offers fast, free financing options. They have plans that are 0% APR for up to a year, low monthly payments, and more.

            Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get ahead of the waiting list. Call now to book your free in-home or virtual consultation. Call (269)468-6682 for scheduling or more information.