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4 Tips on How to Find the Best HVAC Company In Your Area for the Job

We’ve all seen it in our Facebook feeds.  Someone asks for recommendations for a local home services business in Southwest Michigan  to use for a home project, and they receive dozens, if not a hundred, different responses.  This is why when you simply ask, “I’m looking to replace my air conditioner or furnace,what is the best HVAC company in the area?” you will often find yourself back at square one of your search, sifting through a big list of companies and phone numbers.  You might as well just Google it at that point!

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one big self-promotional tip: “Call BOSS Services.” The fact is there are a lot of great HVAC, plumbing, roofing, electrical companies, etc. in this area to choose from. We would be vain to say that we are the only company in town who could install your HVAC system or complete your plumbing project.  

So let’s get into it.  Here are 4 time-saving tips to help you get the best recommendations possible for your specific goals with your next big HVAC installation project.

1. Know Your Top Priorities

In order to ask for a recommendation and then actually receive recommendations from friends and family that match what you’re looking for, you have to prioritize your top goals for your new HVAC system. So start with asking yourself: What is your primary decision-making criteria for this new system purchase? For example, if you’re looking for someone to install a new air conditioner, is your top goal going to be price, communication, energy efficiency, or finding a company who will support the system best after the sale? Ask yourself this question first, and then you’re ready for the next step in finding the best company for you.

2. What Am I Willing to Sacrifice and What Am I Not Willing to Sacrifice?

Now that you know your top priority for finding the best HVAC company to install your  new system, ask yourself, in order to achieve this goal, what am I willing to sacrifice and what am I not willing to sacrifice? For instance, often the cheapest company in town is one guy with a truck, who may or may not be licensed and insured .  So just be aware in getting the cheapest HVAC system, that often you are sacrificing other things like having a licensed and insured person working on your system.  If something were to go wrong during the installation causing major damage to your home, you would be responsible for taking care of a potentially expensive repair, not the uninsured installer. 

Another thing you might sacrifice in having the absolute cheapest system installed is parts and labor warranties as well as service after the sale, so if your system were to break down, the repair costs or potentially a premature new installation would rest on your shoulders entirely.  On the other hand, at BOSS, we provide 10 year parts and labor warranties, offer annual maintenance, and have 24/7 service available to protect homeowners and ensure their air conditioner, furnace, boiler, etc. runs efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

Lastly, if you decide you’re NOT willing to sacrifice high energy efficiency, fast service and communication, or service after the sale, understand that you may have to pay a little more up front. However, consider the long-term benefits of this higher price tag to save on energy bills in the long run, receive fast same-day service, or get free part replacements because you have a 10-year warranty on your HVAC equipment.  

3. Be as Specific as Possible When Asking for a Recommendation

Once you’ve decided what your top goal is for your installation, make sure you are as specific as you can be when asking for a recommendation from friends and family or in an online local group.  For instance, if your primary focus is finding the lowest price air conditioning unit installer, the best question to ask would be: “I’m looking for the cheapest HVAC company in the area to install a new air conditioner.  Who would you recommend?” If your top priority is prompt communication and top-notch service, ask, “I’m looking for the best HVAC company in St. Joseph,  Michigan to install a new furnace who I can rely on to always provide prompt service during and regular maintenance after the sale.”

4. Read Online Reviews

Now that you’ve hopefully gotten some recommendations that align with your top goals, go online and read the reviews of the companies you feel are the best fit. Reviews are very telling. There are a couple of things to look out for here. Every company is bound to have good and bad reviews.  Generally, you want to look for a company that has nearly all 4 and 5 star reviews.  No company will ever be perfect, and if they have only a couple dozen reviews, all of which are 5-stars, that usually means that they are a) Brand new in the business or B) the only people leaving reviews are solely friends and family. 

You can actually learn the most about an HVAC company by looking at some of the bad reviews. Unfortunately, not every installation goes 100% according to plan for any company or installer, and some customers don’t like confrontation at the time of service, preferring to leave a bad review online.  So when you find the odd bad review for a 4-5 star company, read that review to see how the owner responds. A good company will show the owner responding with care and empathy, asking the customer to call or message them privately to resolve the situation and to take care of the issue at hand to make things 100% right in the end.  

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right HVAC Company for the Job:

We know you have a lot of choices, and it can be difficult to narrow down who may be the best company to meet your criteria to replace your HVAC system.  Odds are there are dozens of companies throughout St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, Bridgman, Stevensville, Coloma, etc. that would do a fantastic job installing your new equipment.  

When it comes down to it, when you’re looking for recommendations, just be very specific on what you’re looking for and you’ll receive better answers to help you weed out the companies that don’t align with your priorities. 

Lastly, if you already have a company in mind and have done thorough research on their website, Facebook, and Google reviews, then don’t waste your time asking for recommendations, especially if the need for a new air conditioner or furnace is urgent.  Hope this helps with your decision-making when it comes time to replace your air conditioner or furnace!

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