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4 Resolutions to Make Your Home More Comfortable in 2021

make your home more comfortable
make your home more comfortable

It’s finally here…2021!  We’ve all been waiting for it with giddy excitement to finally write a check or journal entry that says “2021”. Like many, we have high hopes for this year so we’re making plenty of New Year’s resolutions. But while we’re stuck inside during this cold Southwest Michigan winter, it’s also a good time to make some New Year’s resolutions for your home, specifically your HVAC system!

… After all, your HVAC system influences just how comfortable you and your family are all year round, so set these four goals to contribute to your family’s comfort!

Resolution #1 – Get It Serviced

Just like your car needs regular maintenance and weekly workouts help you stay in shape, your HVAC system should be serviced regularly by a licensed professional. The exact frequency might vary by the brand or model of your furnace or air conditioner, but a good rule of thumb is to have someone look at your HVAC system twice a year. With Boss Services’ Total Home Care Club, customers can receive regular check-ups for everything in their home from Cooling and Plumbing in the Spring to Heating and Electrical in the Fall, all with priority service and no service fees! It’s not only a huge value for homeowners but also helps prevent major breakdowns.  Let’s face it, it’s not fun to schedule HVAC maintenance, but it’s even less fun to have a system break down at 2am!

Resolution #2 – Clean or Replace Your Filters

Your HVAC system contributes to easy breathing… when the filters are clean. But when they are dirty? More dirty air blows through your home and can cause allergies. Plus, a dirty filter makes your HVAC system less efficient and more costly to run. So set an appointment with yourself in your calendar to clean your filter every month and replace it every 3 months. You’ll breathe easier!

Resolution #3 – Eliminate Germs Faster

Speaking of breathing easier….If one of your resolutions is to be healthier this year, you should eat right and exercise, but another way to set yourself up for success is to improve the air you’re breathing within your own walls. An effective solution we recommend for cleaner air that’s excellent for fighting viruses and germs, is the REME HALO Whole Home Air Purifier. Unlike many other indoor air quality products that merely catch pollutants, the REME HALO is designed to actively go to where the contaminant is and eradicate it, killing 99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold.  We’re all doing the best we can to not get sick by taking necessary precautions, and the REME HALO is just one more line of defense to help keep your family healthy this year.

Resolution #4 – Clean Your Ducts

Your home’s ductwork runs through your walls so you probably don’t think about it… but it delivers lovely fresh air throughout your home. Over time ducts can become very dusty and dirty, which will contribute to even worse allergies (even if your filter has been cleaned!) Have your ducts cleaned twice a year (set a reminder to have this done in the spring and fall) so you can breathe easier all year!


You know the drill with common New Year’s Resolutions. Eat right. Take up yoga. Walk the dog more often. Put on some real pants that aren’t pajamas a few times a week (okay, that one is new this year).  But don’t forget about these home comfort New Year’s Resolutions that you can set for your life which will have a noticeable impact on your health, comfort, safety, and happiness as you enjoy your home throughout the year. 2021 isn’t going to magically solve all of our problems just because it’s a new year. Let’s all take action and make the most out of every moment to make this year a great one!

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