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Next-Level Home Experts Episode 12: How to Maintain Your Home’s Septic System

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On this episode, we are joined by Ron Colvin from Pride the Portable Toilet Company, and WOW! Septic Services of Benton Harbor! Pride the Portable Toilet Company and WOW! Septic Services of Benton Harbor provides and services high-quality portable toilets as well as providing a variety of sink units, hand wash stations, and luxury event trailers. Throughout this episode we speak to Ron about what a typical system looks like, how to spot when your system needs replacing or servicing, what treatments you should and shouldn’t be using, and Ron’s idea of a ’perfect’ system!

Here’s our episode at a glance:

(1:45) – Ron gives us an insight into his business: what he offers and how he got started

(3:10) – Ron speaks about how labor-intensive pumping portable toilets is how it’s common for rural homes and sites to use septic tanks 

(4:12) – Ron provides information about what a typical system looks like and how it works 

(6:20) – Ron tells people what to look for and how to notice when your system needs replacing 

(7:27) – Ron explains how often you need to have maintenance and cleaning on your system 

(9:50) – Ron shares the necessary treatments you should be using and what treatments to avoid when cleaning your septic system

(14:18) – Ron describes the ‘perfect’ system he would install if he could build everyone’s systems 

(18:30) – Ron speaks about the importance of maintaining filters and how a bad filter can create many different problems 

How to contact WOW Septic and Portable Toilets for all your septic home needs and portable toilet installations! 

Website: www.prideportabletoilets.com 

Phone:  (269) 208-1484

Email: pridecolvin@gmail.com 

Address: 2300 Archie Dr. Benton Harbor, MI 49022

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