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Next-Level Home Experts Ep. 14 Most Costly Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

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We are joined by Mighty Dog Roofing for this episode of The Next Level Home Experts Podcast! Mighty Dog Roofing offers innovative and top-of-the-line products and services, backed by warranties and their lifetime Watchdog Maintenance Program. Mighty Dog Roofing’s mission is to be an industry leader, finding innovative ways to exceed client expectations and provide a customized experience with every job! Throughout this episode, Tom provides us with information on the services he offers, shares some of the most common roofing issues he comes across, provides his best roofing tips and tricks and so much more! 

Here’s our episode at a glance:

(1:15) – Tom gives us an insight into his business: what he offers and how he got started

(5:14) – Tom explains the benefits of the size and scale of the franchise and how it benefits both employees and customers 

(7:50) – Tom shares some of the most common roofing issues homes run into during Spring

(10:08) – Tom speaks about the airflow roofing system

(16:18) – Tom talks about the importance of diagnosing roofs as systems before carrying out repairs or replacements 

(28:25) – Tom discusses the stat that roofing businesses are not trusted by homeowners 68% of the time

(31:250 – Tom provides his best roofing tips and advice 

How to contact Mighty Dog Roofing:

Website: www.mightydogroofing.com  

Phone: 269-682-1876

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