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5 Reasons Our Windows Are the Best in Michigan

From the beginning, it’s been our goal to provide Southwest Michigan homeowners with one trusted company for any home service they could possibly need, and now we’re adding Windows to our service line-up which also includes: Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, and 1-Day Bathroom Upgrades!

Constantly striving to raise the standard in home services, it was our goal to provide the highest quality windows possible. After extensive research, we found a company that is a leader in window technology, making quality custom windows right in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

We believe in the quality of our windows so much that we even are doing something unheard of in the industry: Every window we install comes with a lifetime warranty.  Want to learn more? Here are 5 reasons our windows are the best in Michigan!

1. Windows Built for a Lifetime 

Heavy-Duty Welded Vinyl

Our windows are manufactured almost entirely by hand to last as long as you’re in your home. They are made with heavy-duty, double thickness reinforced vinyl frames so your windows will stand the test of time. They have thicker walls and more chambers than the average window. Plus, their corners are fusion-welded and not merely screwed together like most companies. Due to this stronger construction, they stand up to the elements better and longer than thinly designed, cheaply made windows. 

Double Strength Glass

Our window glass is simply thicker. Our windows have glass that is 3/16 inches thick, and the average window glass thickness is 3/32 inches. So they resist breakage better and lay flatter than single strength glass, reducing the likelihood of awkward concave reflections. It’s truly a superior look and performance. 

Do you want a perfect example of the durability and strength of these windows? Our manufacturer performed an experiment (see below), where a semi truck sat on top of one of their windows for a whole day, and it didn’t break whatsoever.

Long-Lasting Aluminum Screen Wire

Many window manufacturers use a cheap, fiberglass cloth window screen. Often, homeowners can actually see these screens blowing in high winds. Our windows are made with aluminum screens that don’t rust, sag, fade, or tear as easily as commonly used fiberglass cloth window screens.

2. Uncompromising Service and Lifetime Warranty

We believe in the quality and durability of our windows so much that we are doing something nobody else does: Providing a lifetime warranty (which in Michigan is a 20 year warranty). This means there will be no charge for any parts or material for any repairs or even an entire window replacement within a 20 year time period. We also offer 2 years of FREE service charges if you need a repair or replacement and only a $60 service charge after that. No other vinyl window manufacturer that we know of stipulates they will make house calls to service their products after the sale.

3. Energy Efficient Windows

Being a company that also provides HVAC services, we knew we wanted our clients to have windows that enhance their HVAC system’s energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling bills. Here are a few features that will help you save money on energy bills:

“Hard Coat” Low-E Glass

Our windows are manufactured with energy efficiency as a top priority, using a specific Low-E glass designed to reduce your heating costs. This “hard coat” Low-E allows for more FREE solar energy in your home. Most window companies use a “soft coat,” that is sprayed on the glass, giving the glass a rainbow tint. The “hard coat” Low-E is actually melted into the window and undetectable. It is designed to keep heat in during cold Michigan winters. It’s also designed to slow fading of carpets & furniture and can lighten air conditioner loads during the warmer months.

Heavy Duty Welded Vinyl and Triple Weatherstripping

Our windows use heavy-duty welded vinyl. More vinyl means more strength, which means less air leakage. Their welded aluminum frames and sashes never come apart to leak air or water. Additionally, our windows are made with a triple weatherstrip on the interlocking sash to reduce air infiltration and keep cold out longer.

4. Custom Made in Michigan, Custom-Fit for Homeowners

When we visit your home, we measure your window openings carefully, and these precise measurements are used to custom-make every window tailored for your unique dimensions. These windows are made right in Grand Rapids almost entirely by hand to ensure the highest quality possible. You won’t find our windows in big box stores like other brands because we personally stand behind each and every window with after-the-sale service to protect your investment for decades. 

In addition, with our custom-made windows, you won’t have any air leaks or loss of efficiency due to improper fit. We don’t sell “close-fit” pre-made windows that are just good enough to fit your window opening. We only sell windows that are constructed solely for a perfect-fit for your window openings.

5. Endless Style Choices

We offer double-hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, bay and bow windows, picture windows, and more in dozens of colors and wood grain options so you can mix and match until you get the perfect aesthetic for your home!

Interested in a FREE Window Consultation?

If you have aging windows or want to update your windows to make your household more energy efficient, we are happy to come to your home for a free window consultation. Just like all of our home services, we are committed to raising the standard for our clients by providing the highest quality windows and after-the-sale service that they have come to expect from BOSS Services. 
As an introductory offer for our newest service, we are offering $100 off per window now until the end of November. Plus, as always, all of our windows come with a lifetime warranty. Call us at 269-468-6682 to schedule your free window consultation today!

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