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5 Signs It’s Time for a Window Replacement

Like everything else in your home, windows don’t last forever. Trust us, when the technology comes along for everlasting windows, we will be the first to provide them! The lifespan of your windows can vary depending on the quality of your windows when initially purchased, proper installation, materials used, etc. The average window can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years based on these factors.  If you suspect your windows are at the end of their lifespan, below are 5 signs it’s time for a window replacement.

1. Damaged Window Frames

The most obvious sign you need a window replacement are damaged frames. If your window frames are chipped or damaged, it is not likely you can extend their life with just repairs anymore. A clear sign they are rotting and have water damage is if they are soft to touch or exhibiting sagging,

How BOSS Windows Prevent Damaged Frames

Unlike most windows, our windows are built using silicone foam air spacers to diminish the risk of water damage. These spacers separate the inner and outer panes of glass, slowing temperature transfers much better than metal spacers. SuperSpacer conducts 100 times less temperature than other “warm edge” steel spacers, reducing the chance of condensation, sweat or mold growth. It also reduces noise transmission by 18%.

2. Visible Window Condensation 

Water damage due to condensation is a common factor contributing to windows not lasting as long as they should. If you see visible condensation between glass panes or that your windows are frosting between the glass, that means your seals have failed. Once this happens, energy efficiency decreases because the insulating gas is now absent. Unfortunately, at this point, you will need a window replacement most likely.

How BOSS Windows Prevent Condensation

As previously mentioned, BOSS windows use the best condensation fighting air spacer available, with our unique Superspacer technology. In addition, our windows utilize Low E’ and Argon gas to reduce the possibility of condensation. However, if you have high humidity levels in your home (around 40-50%), and the outside temperature is 15 degrees or lower, “sweat” can still form. When that happens, the water vapor in the air condenses into the form of water on the coldest surface: glass.

In this case, follow the following steps to reduce condensation:

1.Turn down your humidifier

2. Circulate the air in your home better (especially if you heat with a radiator)

3. Increase the temperature on your furnace

4. Leave curtains or blinds open so warmer air can circulate to the glass.

5. Check for leaks in your basement, which can increase the humidity level in your home. This problem is even more prevalent with gravel or “Michigan” basements.

3. Outside Noise is Present Inside

Can you hear your neighbors in their yard, cars driving by, dogs barking, or any other outdoor noises inside your home? These are all audible signs it’s time for a window replacement. If unwanted sound from outside is frequently seeping through your windows, they aren’t sealed correctly, or they were manufactured poorly to begin with. If you aren’t experiencing other window issues, and the noise doesn’t bother you, then a window replacement isn’t probably necessary.  However, if this is a persistent annoyance, you may want to consider having your windows replaced. 

BOSS Windows Have Sound-Proof Technology

BOSS Windows use double-strength glass, insulated with Argon gas to decrease outdoor noise.  In addition, our windows have a special Superspacer, which is a silicone foam air spacer separating the inner and outer panes of glass. This reduces noise by 18% above and beyond the average window.

4. Drafts 

The seals are likely damaged if you consistently feel a draft near your windows. This decreases your energy efficiency immensely, allowing warm or cool air to leave your home, making your HVAC system work harder than it needs to to maintain an ideal temperature. For this reason, you may need to consider a window replacement.

How BOSS Windows Seal Out Drafts

As a company that also offers HVAC services, HVAC efficiency is important to us and our clients.  This is why our windows are crafted with energy efficiency in mind.  Our windows seal out drafts better with 50-100% more weatherstripping than the average window. Welded fibers remain effective longer than woven alternatives and our pile directors keep them standing up straight. Additionally, our windows have thicker, more numerous walls leaving less chance for cold winter winds to seep in through your windows. Plus, they simply have more chambers. This stronger construction has been proven to insulate just as well, if not better than, foam filled frames.

5. Difficulty Operating Your Windows

Your windows shouldn’t be difficult to open. It should be an effortless task. However, if your windows are aging or were not installed properly to begin with, they develop balance issues over time. This causes windows to have jamming and sticking issues. Another issue that makes windows difficult to operate are rusting or rotting from wood or materials that have expanded over the years. Unfortunately, when windows don’t open or shut easily, they also can impact the safety of your home.

How BOSS Windows are Constructed to Operate Effortlessly

Our windows use interlocking sashes and our locks are on the top edge and outside, rather than in a hard to access area. The interlocking sashes seals the air out completely, with sashes meeting together like two hands holding each other. Our frames are also strongly welded, whereas most windows are merely screwed together. This means they are stronger, safer, and more durable to stand the test of time.  

Are Your Windows Showing Any of These Signs?

If you think your windows may be nearing the end of their lifetime but aren’t sure if it’s time to replace them, we have Comfort Advisors who can come out to your home for a free consultation to assess their condition and make recommendations

We take precise measurements to ensure your new windows are an exact fit. Our installation experts meticulously install them to ensure they last longer than your typical window. We believe in the strength and durability of our windows so much that each window even comes with a lifetime warranty.  

Currently, we have a special offer going on for $750 off a complete window upgrade for a minimum of 5 windows, and even higher savings for more than 5 windows!  For more information or to book a free consultation, call 269-468-6682 or visit our webpage here:https://thebossservices.com/more-services/windows/.

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