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7 Home Plumbing Tips from Real Plumbers

We asked plumbers what tips they would have for homeowners wanting to keep their plumbing systems working well. Even though this was essentially asking plumbers what homeowners could do to keep plumbers away, they were happy to answer.

Surprisingly we heard the same tips from pretty much every plumber we asked. Following these tips will prevent or minimize some of the most common household plumbing problems. Here are the top seven home plumbing tips we heard from these plumbers.

  1. Use your water meter to check for leaks

Make sure all taps are shut off and nothing is running water (like a dishwasher). Go check your water meter. If the dial is moving, you likely have a water leak in your home. If you’re not able to find it and repair it, contact a plumber.

  1. Never flush wet wipes down the toilet.

Baby wipes, wet wipes, and cleaning wipes might be advertised as “flushable” wipes, but they are basically flushable in the same way that a t-shirt is flushable. They clog the system, if not in your drain pipe, then in the sewer line or at your municipal wastewater treatment plant.

  1. Don’t flush any of these things down the toilet: paper towels, tissue paper, feminine hygiene products, condoms, floss, cotton swabs, hair or too much toilet paper.

Feel free to add to this list. You know the two things that are supposed to go down the toilet. Limit it to those two. Nothing else. Ever.

  1. Don’t pour grease down your kitchen drain.

Just don’t do it! Grease will harden and clog your drain pipe. After your frying pan has cooled, use paper towels to wipe the grease out. Dispose of these paper towels in your green bin if you have one or in the garbage.

  1. Stop ignoring slow drains

If your bathroom or kitchen drains are going slower than usual, there’s a problem somewhere. It could be a simple clog, like hair from the shower, or it could be more serious like tree roots growing into the drain pipe to the sewer. The sooner you contact the plumber at your preferred home services company, the better.

  1. Drains that smell bad are telling you something

Even if the drain hasn’t slowed down (see previous tip), if it has a bad odor coming from whenever you run the water, it’s a pretty good indication that a clog is forming. What you may be smelling is waste food starting to collect and rot. Same as the previous, call your plumber sooner rather than later.

  1. Use less water

Old washing machines and dishwashers use a lot more water than newer appliances. Upgrade to use less water and save money.


Following these tips will keep your plumber happy. When you do need to repair a leak, clear a drain or install a new water-using appliance, be sure to contact the plumbing experts at BOSS Services or your preferred home services company.

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