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A Bathroom Remodel in Just 1-2 Days? It’s Possible.

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Raising the Standard Episode 45

Raising the Standard Podcast Episode 45

BOSS Owner Jeff Street is talking to WSJM’s Spencer Rivers the day after Veterans Day this week.  This is an important day at BOSS Services. Jeff himself is a recently retired Master Sergeant in the US Marine Corps serving for 20 years!  We are a proud veteran-owned company that also takes pride in hiring veterans. We currently have 6 total veterans on staff: three Marines, a Navy officer, and two US Army veterans.  In addition to that, we also offer veterans a 5% discount on all of our services!  While Veterans Day is over, we recognize veterans year-round! Thank you for your service to all veterans and our BOSS veterans!

Here’s a glance at episode 45 of Raising the Standard with BOSS Services:

We Can Do a 1-Day Bathroom Remodel. Here’s the Details!

Yes, we provide 1-Day bathroom remodels all over Southwest Michigan! It’s getting to be that time of year when everyone is staying indoors more. All of this time in your home results in more people noticing their bathroom could use an update.  Whether it’s out of style or not as functional as you would like, we can do a full bathroom upgrade in as little as one day!  We can convert tubs to showers and showers to tubs.  We also provide walk-in tubs, soaker tubs, tubs with jets or without jets…we do it all!  

Any bathroom remodel we do is completely custom! We have hundreds of different style and product options to choose from to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. We have different wall and surround colors, patterns, soap dishes, fixtures, shower doors, shower curtains, shower benches, toilets, and pretty much any bathroom need you can imagine! 

The actual process is more than 2 days if you count the initial free consultation to having your custom bathroom order made. However, once your custom order is crafted, we can easily install your entire bathroom in one to two days. So you won’t have to live without a bathroom for longer than just a couple days during the renovation process.

Visit our Bathroom Upgrade page on our website. You can watch a video showing the process from the first initial free consultation to the final reveal with a real-life client: https://thebossservices.com/1-day-bath-solutions/

Holiday Plumbing or Heating Emergency?

At BOSS Services, we are available 24/7 for emergency heating, cooling, and plumbing services.  We have HVAC technicians and plumbers on-call on weekend and yes, even holidays.  If you have a drain clog or a furnace issue on Thanksgiving, we have real people answering the phones all the time.  We will send a professional out to your home to make sure they an get your HVAC or plumbing system up and running again quickly! 

Our entire team is prepared to answer the phones and serve our customers all over Southwest Michigan from St. Joseph to Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids. At times, we can even help you troubleshoot the problem over the phone. This will save you the inconvenience and expense of having a technician come out to your home.

Gas and Energy Costs are Rising…This HVAC System will Save You Thousands!

BOSS Services is the only HVAC company in Southwest Michigan that provides a hybrid geothermal system using well water to heat and cool your home!  This is called a Well-Connect system, which is actually made in Alpena, Michigan.  This geothermal system pulls heat out of your well water to convert it to a heat source in the winter. Moreover, it can also be used to cool your home in the summer! Using a renewable resource like well water instead of expensive propane gas can easily save you up to 70% in energy costs.

You can find a more in-depth yet easy-to-understand explanation on how this geothermal system works on Well-Connect’s website: https://wellconnectgeo.com/what-is-hybrid-geothermal

Questions About Anything Discussed in Today’s Podcast?

In general, prices are rising everywhere, including on cost to keep your home’s major systems operating. The best thing to make sure your furnace is running efficiently is having annual maintenance performed.  If you need a professional HVAC or plumbing expert, we answer the phones 24/7. You can reach us at 269-468-6682 anytime day or night, weekends and holidays!

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