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Around the House Episode 1: Taking Your Backyard Back from Mosquitoes and Other Insects

We are excited to launch our very first episode of Around the House, your source for all your home improvement and home safety questions,interviewing the top local home services experts in the industry. Today, we are talking to Josh Kitchell, owner of Mosquito Mob in Michigan.

Josh is an expert in all-things pest control, recently starting his own company Mosquito Mob, allowing homeowners to take their yards back from mosquitos, ticks, stink bugs, and other common pests. Mosquito Mob primarily serves Southwest and West Michigan but they also can serve the entire state of Michigan. 

So let’s dive into this week’s topic: How can you take your yard back from mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests this summer? What are some tips and tricks you should know to banish these creepy crawlers once and for all? 

Listen to this week’s episode for the answers!

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Here’s our episode at a glance:

(4:55): Josh’s history in the pest control industry and why he started Mosquito Mob

(08:49): What services does Mosquito Mob provide and how do their pest control treatments work?

(10:00): How can you get rid of annoying stink bugs once and for all and prevent them from coming inside your home in the spring and fall?

(11:07): Besides calling Mosquito Mob, what can a homeowner do on their own to help get rid of mosquitos in their yard? Hint: Just say no to standing water in your yard and gutters!

(11:52): Talking about ticks: How can you prevent those from infiltrating your yard?

(12:38): How Mosquito Mob ensures pests stay gone by creating custom prevention suggestions for each homeowner after they leave.

(14:44): What happens if your yard is treated, but your neighbor’s yard is not treated? Are you risking pests from their yard venturing into yours or does the treatment prevent that problem as well?

(15:37): Moles are major pests that destroy your yard, and while Mosquito Mob doesn’t kill moles, they can get rid of their food source with treatments and stop them from taking over your yard as a result.

(16:47): Is a pest treatment pet-friendly? Mosquito Mob does have a pet-friendly, completely natural treatment option.

(18:30): What other pests does Mosquito Mob provide treatments for?

(20:57): Why the ideal backyard is like a Chik-fil-A on Sunday for pests: No food source, no pests coming to your drive-through.

How to Contact Mosquito Mob

Do you live in Michigan and are looking for professionals to treat your yard so you can finally take it back from mosquitoes, ticks, dragonflies, spiders, or other pests this summer? You can connect with them for a free quote at 616-843-6292 or you can also talk to them on Facebook, where they have a full team interacting at all times. 

Need more information? Visit Mosquito Mob’s website for their full story!:: https://www.mosquitomobmi.com/

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