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Around the House Episode 4: Hassle-Free Smart Home Technology to Make Your Life Easier

Around the House Episode 4 Cover

Welcome back to another episode of The Around the House,your favorite new source for all home improvement and home safety questions. Every episode, we’ll be interviewing the top home service experts in the industry! 

This episode features Mike Eisenhart, owner of  Shoreline Smart Homes in St. Joseph Michigan! Shoreline Smart Homes provides innovative solutions for audio-video, automation, and security for your home or business. Mike and co-owner, Scott Sternaman love educating homeowners about technology solutions that can help them achieve their goals with ease. They are passionate about ensuring that they stay up to date with the evolution of home entertainment and automation by offering world-class brands and products with top-notch service to match. 

Whether you want a home theater that captures the thunder and nuance of going to the cinema or you’re looking to make life easier with automated lighting, security, and more, Shoreline Smart Homes will make technology-related frustrations a thing of the past. Listen to this week’s episode to find out how you can make the technology in your home work together effortlessly!

Here’s our episode at a glance: 

(0:51) – Mike provides us with an insight into the business; how it got started and how long he’s been involved with growing the business  

(2:40) – Mike speaks about the biggest changes and innovation in technology he’s seen in the industry over the years .

 (6:14) – The guys speak about how your home can get connected with software like Google Home, Alexa etc.  

(6:51) – Mike shares what home automation requests he most commonly helps people achieve.

(10:07) – The guys discuss what a consultation looks like and how they have different smart home options for different budgets.

(11:35) – Mike talks about the best things you can do for energy saving in your smart home  

(13:15) – Mike states that one of the biggest jobs they do at Shoreline Smart Homes is fitting security cameras for homes and businesses alike. 

(14:51) – Mike explains how they make sure their products are super-user friendly  

(16:52) – The guys discuss the best time in the construction process to plan for smart home technology, and how pre-planning can can save time, costs, and labor hours.

How to Contact Shoreline Smart Homes: 

You can contact Shoreline Smart Homes to set up a free, no-pressure consultation in the following ways:

Email: Mike@shorelinesmarthomes.com 

Phone: 269-983-1115 

Website: www.shorelinesmarthomes.com  

If you are curious about home or business automation, security, or entertainment options, contact Mike and Scott today and explore options with them! Shoreline Smart Homes serves all of Southwest Michigan and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about home solutions to make life easier or more comfortable for you!

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