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Ep 11 – Ready to grow? We are hiring!

boss services Jeff and Jerry Street
Ep 11 – Ready to Grow? BOSS Services is Hiring!

Jeff and Jerry Street join WSJM’s Jim Gifford this week to talk about how they need help…well, help finding new people to join the BOSS Tribe!  As one of the fastest growing home services companies in Southwest Michigan, they now need a Sales Manager, a brand new position for someone who has the desire to guide, listen, and help BOSS’s sales team achieve their goals. This person doesn’t necessarily need to have sales management experience in the trades but sales management experience in general is required.

BOSS also needs experienced Plumbers and HVAC experts who can provide service and installation

So why leave your current job and work for BOSS? Well, they encourage growth, and lay out a 5 and 10 year plan for you to get to the next level and earn what you want to earn and grow personally as well.  Because of the family-like atmosphere, Jeff and Jerry are concerned about their staff and their personal goals, helping them meet those goals so they don’t feel “stuck” in life or their career any longer.

Jim brings up that the BOSS Comfort Advisor who came out to his home, Branden, told Jim when he was first hired that he didn’t think he could grow to the point he’s at now, but now he’s thriving and has met his initial personal and professional goals he told Jerry and Jeff about when he first began his career at BOSS.

Besides previous experience needed in Sales Management, Plumbing, and HVAC, the Street brothers also stress other qualities they’re looking for are: 1) A good attitude, 2) A team-player mentality, and 3) DRIVE.  BOSS Services isn’t just your average home services company grinding to get by – they structure their company to help their employees thrive and have a culture unlike any other because of it.  Basically if you have experience in HVAC, Plumbing, or Sales Management (of any kind, not just in Home Services), click below for more information:  

If you have the qualities we’re looking for, call our office at 269-468-6682 to set up a completely confidential interview. If you’re the right fit, we would love to help you achieve all your personal and professional goals so you can stop feeling “stuck” and raise your standard of living!

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