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Ep 14 – Heat and Cool Your Home…with Your Well!


We Have the Newest Technology to Heat and Cool Your Home…with Your Well!

This week we reveal the newest energy-efficient system we’re rolling out to heat and cool your home, and we’re the only company in Southwest Michigan offering it!

We’re talking about Hybrid Geothermal Systems

We’re excited to provide something for our customers who want to cut heating and cooling costs in half by simply using renewable energy in the form of your own well water! 

In this episode, BOSS owner, Jeff Street breaks down how hybrid geothermal technology works.  Essentially, warm or cool air is delivered through your existing ductwork into your home utilizing thermal energy created from your well water. The well water is channeled through copper coils in a heat exchanger that harnesses and transfers thermal energy. After the energy is extracted, the water is released back into the ground where it filters through the soil and returns safely to underground aquifers.  

So what’s the criteria to go with a hybrid geothermal system in your home? 

  1. You have to have a well. 
  2. We recommend also keeping your furnace for supplemental heating on those polar vortex days in the winter, but the hybrid geothermal system will provide the majority of the heat throughout the winter. 

However the system does provide 100% of the cooling in your home, so no need for an air conditioner – Many homes report spending as little as $50 to cool their home for an entire summer!

Another reason we’re proud to offer this new heating and cooling system?  They’re made in Michigan by a company that actually holds the patent for it! We recently went to the factory in Northern Michigan where they’re made and talked to the owners and watched them in action!  It’s an honor to be able to offer such an innovative product made right here in our own state for over 10 years!

This is such a unique technology that is not only good for the environment, using a renewable resource right in your backyard, but it will save homeowners a lot of money and increase comfort throughout the home!  We’re more than excited to be the first company in Southwest Michigan to bring hybrid geothermal heating and cooling to the area.  Let us know if you have any questions below in the comments.  We’re happy to discuss how this new technology may work in your home!

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