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Raising the Standard: Ep 21 – Now Hiring High School Interns and Positions Available for All Ages and Skill Levels!


Jeff and Jerry kick off this week’s Raising the Standard talking about BOSS’s paid summer internship program for 2 high schoolers interested in learning the trades (specifically HVAC and Plumbing) this summer!  It’s a great paid training opportunity, as they will be working in HVAC, Plumbing, and experience working on new construction projects from June 1st – August 31st this summer. 

These high school interns will also have access to the only virtual reality HVAC and Plumbing training system in Southwest Michigan at BOSS Services, where they can learn to troubleshoot repairing a furnace or replacing a toilet. In addition, these interns will be exposed to technical training programs throughout the United States if they are hired on as full-time employees.  Last year, both of the high school interns who worked at BOSS decided to continue their career here and both are starting full-time in June!

High schoolers between the age of 16-18 can apply for the paid summer internship here:

We’ve also been growing our team constantly due to high demand, as well as branching out into other markets, and we are hoping to add onto our tribe right away.  We provide a team atmosphere and more benefits than most home services companies.  We have a larger team, and having more staff helps carry the load and disperse the burden of being on call 24/7 that can happen when you’re working for a small company.  So our employees have more flexibility and don’t get burned out like employees in this industry tend to during busier seasons.

Best of all, our benefits rival any union package you could find.  We provide birthdays as paid days off, a profit-sharing program, health insurance, tool and boot allowance, paid training, and more! Our goal is that our employees happily retire from BOSS.  We’re not looking for people to pass through this job onto their one, but we’re looking for people who want a solid career with opportunities for growth and the right work-life balance to enjoy it all!

If you’re interested in applying – We’re looking for people with all skill levels.  We can easily train someone to make them an expert – it’s all about their attitude and drive to succeed.  You can apply here to set up a completely confidential interview with us at any time that’s convenient for you:  

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