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Raising the Standard – Episode 28: Want to Change Your Career with 1 Zoom Call?


BOSS Co-owner, Jeff Street, joins WSJM’s Spencer Rivers to discuss a topic that hits close to home for many local businesses right now: Hiring!  BOSS Services has been lucky enough to be having our busiest year yet, and we are in major growth mode, looking for an array of people with different skill sets to help us continue on the path to becoming Southwest Michigan’s top home services company, serving all of Berrien County, parts of Cass County, parts of Van Buren County and even as far as Kalamazoo!

We’ve shadowed other companies around the United States, and we have always made it a priority to make sure our culture along with our pay and benefits package stands out in the home services industry so we can attract the best of the best.  It’s our goal to make our company the last place anyone will ever want to work and build a plan for each individual to grow and thrive here until they retire.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

  • HVAC Installers
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Plumbers
  • A Master Electrician to help us provide a full line of electrical services
  • Bathroom Installers
  • Office Staff (Accountants and Customer Service Representatives)

So Everyone is Hiring…Why is BOSS the best place to be?

  1. We Pay More.  We believe hard work warrants good pay.  We pay our HVAC Techs and Plumbers $25-$35 based on experience, which is higher than average in this area.  We want good people to help us raise the standard for home services for our customers, and we know that means providing our employees with the compensation they deserve.
  1. Have you seen our trucks? We pride ourselves on our marketing and having stand-out branding from our advertising to our trucks so our customers hopefully think of us first when they have an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical issue.  Our trucks are black and bold, as well as our uniforms, and we aren’t a company that just likes to blend in with the other traditional white service trucks on the road.  
  1. Best Benefits Package in the Industry. We are constantly working on making our benefits package better and better every year.  We provide the following:
  • Paid medical insurance
  • Base life insurance and long-term disability plan.  
  • Vision, dental, and hearing insurance available and AFLAC available for short-term disability.  
  • Annual boot and tool allowance for anything you might need
  • Individual monthly bonus programs based on different criteria for your position
  • Paid training around the nation (that’s right we pay for you to travel and experience top notch training!)
  • Profit-Sharing Program
  • Paid vacations and sick time
  • A Paid Day Off on Your Birthday!

Coming soon: We are rolling out a super amazing program next year that we can’t discuss but we can tell you it’s unique to this industry and area.  We are constantly looking for ways to not only grow our team but keep our team happy, and it’s our goal to make sure our company culture is the strongest in the area, not just in our industry.

You know you’re interested…so how can you apply?

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to talk to us if they’re interested in working at BOSS Services right now.  We know people may have other jobs, but also might be interested in looking to improve and enrich their lives with a new opportunity.  

So here’s the deal:  All you have to do is jump on a Zoom call with us anytime between 9am-6pm on Wednesdays.  We are doing this every Wednesday, and we will be waiting on the call for you to jump on and have a confidential conversation with us.

At your convenience, just click this Zoom link any Wednesday at your convenience: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2695199952, and a BOSS manager will be there ready to talk.

We just hired 2 new BOSS tribe members from Zoom interviews last Wednesday, and you never know – you could be next!  For more information about Open Virtual Interview Wednesdays, click here:


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