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Raising the Standard – Episode 29: How the Freedom Plan Quickly Solved a Thermostat Problem for Spencer…For Free

Raising the Standard – Episode 29

The BOSS man himself, Jeff Street and WSJM’s Spencer Rivers are back this week talking about Spencer’s recent issue with his thermostat and how being a BOSS Freedom Plan member helped him resolve it quickly and for free!

A little over a month ago, Spencer had BOSS Services install a new furnace and a central air conditioning system in his home for the first time.  He also got a brand new programmable thermostat, which gave him an alert signal recently, and he couldn’t figure out what was causing this when he looked in his user manual. So he sent a message to BOSS asking for help, and within the same day, Caleb from BOSS came out to his home and looked at his thermostat to discover that Spencer’s air filter needed to be changed. With newer programmable thermostats like Spencer’s, they actually will alert you when it’s time to change your air filter in order to maintain the best efficiency possible.

Thankfully, Spencer had signed up for the BOSS Freedom Plan so that service call with Caleb was absolutely FREE, including the new air filter we installed! Want to learn more? Listen to this episode and read below!

So What is the BOSS Freedom Plan?

It’s the only subscription-based HVAC program of its kind in Southwest Michigan.  Basically, you can get a new HVAC system (furnace, air conditioner, boiler, etc.) or a new thermostat with no down payment and just a low interest-free monthly payment for 10 years. Then for the next 10 years you never have to worry about maintaining your HVAC system – BOSS Services will take on all the burdens of HVAC ownership for you providing free maintenance, free repairs, and we will even replace your system for free if it breaks down within the 10 years of the program.

In addition, with the Freedom Plan, you are a 10 year member of our company so you will receive priority scheduling for us to come out to your home and perform any HVAC maintenance or repair, and because we also provide plumbing services, you will get our member 10% discount on any plumbing services and priority scheduling in that service category as well.  We are also working on including electrical services to the plan!

The Full Freedom Plan Experience

So when Spencer called us last week about his thermostat issue, he received priority scheduling with a service technician coming to his home that same day, and he had his air filter replaced for free!  With BOSS’s system, Spencer received not only a phone call right away scheduling his service after contacting us online, but he also received a text message when our service tech was on the way.  If you have a question about anything, you can call or e-mail Boss, and as a Freedom Plan member you’ll get a call and/or a service technician out to your home ASAP free of charge.

Curious About the Freedom Plan?

Want to know more about how the Freedom Plan works?  Visit our page with a full list of benefits and an in-depth 90 second video about how it helps homeowners get a new HVAC system without the headaches of a big down payment and maintaining it: https://thebossservices.com/the-boss-freedom-plan/

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