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Raising the Standard – Episode 32: Want the Bathroom Makeover of Your Dreams in 1-2 Days? Listen up!

Ep. 32: Want the Bathroom Makeover of your Dreams in 1-2 days?

BOSS owner Jeff Street is back again chatting with WSJM’s Spencer Rivers about a service we haven’t talked about much on the podcast before: 1-Day Bathroom Solutions.  So what is a 1-Day Bathroom Solution, you ask? Well, depending on the size of the job, we can give your bathroom a complete makeover or just upgrade one item. We have endless options for bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets, surrounds, etc., and can do a complete installation all in 1 day, and sometimes up to 2 days at most!

How We Cater to ALL Unique Needs with Our Baths and Showers

We especially get requests for walk-in bathtubs for those who no longer want the hassle of climbing into the tub or shower and want greater ease of use when showering or taking a bath.  A key benefit we offer is custom sizing with our tubs and shower bases so you could potentially replace your tub with a shower if you don’t want a bathtub anymore. So we can take your tub out and make a shower that is exactly the same size in that space so you don’t have to move walls and do major reconstruction of your bathroom. That’s a major reason why we can do these bathroom upgrades in such a short period of time.

We also can put benches and grab bars in the shower so you can safely shower without any worries of falling down.  Another unique option we provide are roll-in and roll-out showers that are handicap accessible, which essentially uses a barrier that goes down easily so wheelchairs can enter the shower without any problems.  

What About Jacuzzi Tubs? 

We can definitely create the tub you’ve always wanted and you can customize your options.  We provide walk-in options, inline heaters with jets so you can have a relaxing bath whenever you like! We have standard size tubs, soaker tubs that are deeper so you can fill it up with more water and have jets going…the options are endless!  We could put dozens of grab bars in if you need it – Our bathrooms are completely customizable.

Is there any reason why it would take longer than 1 Day to install my new bathroom?

Sometimes we have to remove cast iron bathtubs, which are very heavy, and that can take longer than a day to remove and replace with a new tub or shower.  Some installers have to cut these tubs in half to get them out because they are so heavy, so that can be difficult.  Once in a while we run into plumbing issues or other issues that prevent us from getting bathroom upgrades done in just 1 day, but for the most part we are in and out in 2 days.

What can you expect with a bathroom upgrade quote from us?

Bathroom renovations aren’t a small expenditure, but pricing is relative.  Often, you’ll have contractors give a quote up front that is amazing and then by the end of it, they tack on extras in the form of thousands of dollars for the work they did.  However, at BOSS Services, your quote is the same price from beginning to finish.  The quote we give our customers is set in stone and we don’t tack on extras at the end, even if the work is harder than expected.  Actually, with all of our services from HVAC and plumbing to electrical work, upfront complete quotes are what customers can alway expect from us.

We also have multiple financing options so if you want to pay a monthly payment towards your bathroom upgrade, we can see if you are eligible to do so.  

What is the process like to replace an old tub or shower?

  1. First we set up an appointment with one of our Comfort Advisors, and you can go over our big sample book of options for surrounds, doors, accessories, and of course the tub and shower itself. 
  2. Once you’ve picked your options, our advisor can give you a quote on the spot for what you want, and you can choose what you would like to do for your upgrade.
  3. Then we order the tub or shower, which is custom made for each individual home, sized exactly to your current shower or tub so no major renovations are needed to your bathroom.
  4. Finally, once your bathroom upgrade item(s) are in stock, we send our installers over to your home for the 1-2 day installation process. We will typically work from early morning throughout the afternoon to install your bathroom, and if something should come up that another day is needed, we will come back the next day and finish it then.

Ready for a Bathroom Makeover?

If you live in Southwest Michigan and are looking to get your tub, shower, sink, toilet, surrounds, etc. replaced in your bathroom and want a quick, hassle-free solution, give us a call at 269-468-6682 to set up an appointment with one of our Bathroom Upgrade Comfort Advisors. You also can find more information about our 1-Day Bathroom Solutions on our website here:


Let us know what you’re looking to do, and we will be happy to provide endless options and have our experts give you advice on how to get the bathroom of your dreams!

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