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Raising the Standard Episode 36: Fall Specials and Indoor Air Quality Tips

Ep 36: Fall Specials and Indoor Air Quality Tips

We kicked off Raising the Standard this week with a testimonial from WSJM’s very own Spencer Rivers when his air conditioner recently broke down last weekend.  Luckily, Spencer is a BOSS Freedom Plan member, meaning any time his HVAC system breaks down, a BOSS HVAC technician will provide him with priority service and come out to his home to fix it free of charge!  He experienced this first-hand when he called BOSS to have someone come out to his home to have his AC fixed, and they were able to come out early the next day to fix it in about 30 minutes! 

Fall HVAC Specials: 

BOSS owner, Jeff Street also chats with Spencer about all the great specials they have going on right now while in between hot summer and cold winter seasons.   

$59 Back to School Furnace Exam: 

BOSS will come out and inspect your furnace and make sure it’s ready to run efficiently once the temperatures drop. In addition to the lowest early-bird furnace check-up price in Southwest Michigan, BOSS guarantees no breakdowns this winter after your check-up, or else you’ll get your $59 back! This special runs until the end of September so take advantage while you can! 

Free for ALL This Fall HVAC Event: 

If you are looking to get a new HVAC system, whether that be a new furnace, air conditioner, or boiler we are having a special that gives you the choice of a fall freebie! If you buy a new HVAC system, we will give you the choice of either a complete duct cleaning or a whole home humidifier absolutely FREE with your new system. This special runs until October 31st.  If you are looking into buying a new system, we will come out to your home for free and provide you with plenty of options to choose from! 

HVAC equipment pricing (like everything else) is going up…but not for our customers! 

We don’t talk about this much, but with the price of everything going up in just about every industry, we are also locking in our prices for the rest of the year. So, if you think you might need a new furnace or air conditioner soon (maybe your system is getting older and having frequent breakdowns), if we give you a quote right now, we will honor that price for the rest of the winter, even if prices skyrocket. We are fortunate that our vendor has guaranteed our prices for the rest of the year. So we will guarantee your price for the rest of the year for you! 

Duct Cleaning: Why It’s a Must Every 7 Years for Homeowners 

Your ducts are constantly filtering or circulating the air in your home.  Fall is a great time of year because you can open the windows. However, in the winter time, and even in the summer, when you’re closing all your doors and windows and running your HVAC system, you’re just circulating that same air in your house. So if you have pets that shed, all of that is going into the duct work. Plus, think of the years and years of cobwebs, dirt, and other debris that your ducts end up collecting over time. If you have a moldy basement, you’re sucking up some of that air into your duct work and getting mold spores in there as well. With that said, it’s important to have your ducts cleaned at least every 7 years.  However, if you have a brand-new home, you may be able to get away with cleaning them every 10-15 years. 

How does BOSS clean your ducts? 

BOSS cleans ductwork by cutting a hole in the side of your ductwork at the furnace. We have a duct cleaning machine, which is a giant hose with an oversized vacuum with a little brush on the end that breaks up all the dust and everything. It also has a spray nozzle that sprays sanitizer in the ductwork when we’re done. We always start at your furnace then go to each room and open up the register to get to the individual branch lines that come off of the main line so we can effectively clean the ducts throughout your home. 

Reme Halo Whole-Home Air Purification 

Another thing to consider is the more you’re circulating air through your duct work, and with cold and flu season coming on, this can spread germs more easily. For that reason, Jeff says he has a Reme Halo whole-home air purifier that kills 99.9% of the germs and viruses as they pass through his home. The Reme Halo uses dual ionizing technology that makes the particles that pass through clump together. So they fall to the floor and make it easier for your air filters to catch them so they don’t keep circulating throughout your home. It has been proven to kill all the viruses, mold, and mildew that goes through it. Plus, it takes the bad smells out of your air so you’re breathing in fresh, pristine air every time! They can be installed in your existing furnace, as we have for many homeowners who want to stay healthy over the cold and flu season.

Interested in anything you heard on this podcast?

If you want to take advantage of any of our fall specials or improve your indoor air quality by having your ducts cleaned or a Reme Halo installed, our BOSS Comfort Advisors are ready to help!  Just call 269-468-6682, and we are happy to have an HVAC expert come to your home any time!

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