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Ep 9 – Prevent Freezing Pipes When It’s Freezing Outside

Ep 9 – Prevent Freezing Pipes When it’s Freezing Outside

With Southwest Michigan winter weather in full force, on this episode of Raising the Standard with WSJM’s Jim Gifford, we dive into different ways to make sure your pipes don’t freeze when it’s, well, freezing outside.

It’s so cold right now that you won’t even know your pipes are frozen until they thaw once it gets warmer.  With that said, we want to prevent pipes from bursting within your walls so you can enjoy warmer weather once it gets here instead of having to clean up a big mess!

Thankfully BOSS co-owner Jeff Street discusses easy tips on how to prevent frozen pipes in your home.  Trust us, you don’t have to be a plumber to keep your pipes in good shape in cold temperatures!  Even simple tips like keeping a slight water drip or trickle in water lines you don’t use regularly during cold weather will save you from future water damage!

Also, we answer Jim’s pressing question: Will Bunsen burners do the trick to warm up frozen pipes?  I know, the suspense is killing you…be sure to listen for the answer!  On a serious note, if you suspect your pipes are frozen, give us a call and we can definitely help! 

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