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How a 1-day Bathroom Upgrade Really Works

Bathroom Before and After

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If we had a dollar for the number of times someone asked us, “How do you upgrade a bathroom in 1 day?” we would be rolling around in dollar bills like Scrooge McDuck. If you’ve asked yourself that question, this blog is for you! 

Listen above or read below for a behind-the-scenes look at how we make a 1-day bathroom upgrade possible!

Step 1: Book Your Free Bathroom Consultation

If you are ready to update your ugly bathroom, the first step is calling our office at 269-468-6682 us to set up a free bathroom consultation with one of our BOSS Comfort Advisors. Our Comfort Advisor will ask questions to gain a better understanding of what you are looking to upgrade in your bathroom, take a look at your bathroom, and make measurements since each bathroom product is custom ordered . From there, we sit down with you and explore options. Our BOSS Comfort Advisors always bring a book full of samples where you can see and touch materials for your wall, bathtub, shower, etc. So you can pick the perfect color, pattern, texture, and more. 

Step 2: Explore Custom Bathroom Options

We then ask if you would like a ceiling panel as well. We prefer to put a ceiling panel up because then you don’t have to deal with water damage on your drywall from steam. All of our bathroom materials are incredibly easy to clean and 100% mold and mildew resistant.

Next, we discuss accessories. We have endless options of shower doors, curtains, grab bars, fixtures, bench seats, soap dishes, and more for you to consider. We even have options for a footrest that you can put in the bottom corner of your tub or shower for shaving your legs.

Once we’ve decided on options for your wet area (tub and shower area), we then look at options for toilets, vanities, fixtures, medicine cabinet, fans, and whatever else you may want to replace in your bathroom.

Step 3: We Custom Order Your Bathroom

The next step in our bathroom upgrade process is ordering your bathroom. To be completely honest, we actually don’t perform your consultation and install the bathroom all in one day. It takes 4 to 6 week for our custom bathroom orders to be shipped and arrive at our headquarters. Once everything arrives, we call the client to book your bathroom installation over a 2-day period. For a basic tub or shower upgrade, it takes only a day to install everything, but if you’re also upgrading multiple items like a vanity, toilet, walls, flooring, etc, the installation usually goes into day 2. It never goes past 24 hours of work for our bathroom crew so it is technically 1-day bathroom upgrade no matter what for those of you thinking we should call it a 1-2 Day Bathroom Upgrade.

Step 4: We Demo Your Bathroom

The first day our BOSS bathroom crew arrives to install your bathroom is mostly demo day. We rip everything out so we can install a new tub, shower, toilet, etc. It is a messy process, especially if we are removing tile, there will be a lot of dust and loud noise during the demolition. So we are always sure to close the bathroom door so it’s less invasive for the client. From there, all of the demolition is usually done before lunch.  

Step 5: We Install Your Bathroom

Time-Lapse Footage of a Bathtub Installation

After demolition is complete, we install your new tub or shower walls. Like we previously said, the tub or shower we install is custom-made for that specific area to fit perfectly. It’s an entirely new tub or shower that we install rather than just covering up your old shower. So we install that new tub or shower first. Then we put new walls up, which are acrylic. They actually have corner pieces that are glued in first. Then we put up the walls that go over those corner pieces, and the silicone goes on last. With that said, every corner has three layers of either silicone or glue that water would have to penetrate to get behind it. This means there is very little risk of leakage in the corners, like you may see with other bathrooms.

Once the wet area is completed, we then install your toilet, vanity, flooring, etc, which usually takes us into the second day of installation.

Step 6: Leaving the Home in the Same Condition as Before the Installation

As with any job we do, we always protect your home. We put down drop cloths throughout your home so when we’re walking in and out of your home, we’re not making a mess or ruining your floors. 

With anything we do in someone’s home, we have a Clean Home Guarantee so if we leave a mess in your home or something doesn’t look like it did before we came, we will pay to have your entire home cleaned by a cleaning crew.

In addition, we dispose of everything ourselves at our own dumpsters or we scrap it if possible. So once we remove your old tub or shower from your home, you don’t have to worry about it ever again.

Curious About Our 1-Day Bathroom Upgrade Process?

If you are thinking about getting your bathroom upgraded and have any questions about the process that we didn’t cover, call our office at 269-468-6682. If you would like to have a free bathroom consultation to explore options, we serve all of West Michigan as far north as Grand Rapids down to St. Joseph and as far South as Niles and New Buffalo. We also serve as far east as Kalamazoo.  We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and providing upfront costs during your bathroom consultation so there aren’t any surprises down the road. Thank you for reading our blog and/or listening to our podcast – talk to you next week!

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