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It’s Not Batman! How To Get Rid Of Bats In Your Home

Batman made bats cool. And with Batwoman coming to TV, bats are getting popular – or at least the Batman or Batwoman bat logos are getting popular.

Bats are also a dark, spooky symbol for Halloween, especially with the whole connection between bats and vampires.

Did you know that bats can maneuver better in flight than birds? They rarely ever fly into humans and they consume a lot of the more pesky insects.

But having bats take up residence in your attic is not cool. Bat removal can be a very scary scene for a homeowner. The removal of a bat colony requires a pest control expert. Contact your local home services company to send you an expert in bat removal and extermination.

Why have bats invaded your house?

Bats are nocturnal creatures that hunt at night in wide open spaces. During the day they seek out dark places to hang and “roost.” Seeking out places similar to their natural cave habitat, bats will enter attics of homes. Access is typically gained through a broken vent, damaged chimney or loose or missing roof shingles. If they can get into your attic, they usually end up roosting, and giving birth to young, and forming a colony.

How worried should you be about bats in your attic?

Very. Bat droppings, which are called guano, can cause serious damage to your house. If enough guano builds up in your attic, ceilings can sag and collapse. Bat droppings contain dust that is toxic to human lung tissue. And bats commonly carry rabies—they have sharp teeth and will bite if they feel threatened, transmitting the rabies. Bats need to be evicted as soon as possible after you discover them.

Why do you need a professional pest control expert?

In short, bats are dangerous to handle. Not only that, but in some states they are a protected species so their safe removal should be left to a pest control expert who will get the bats out of your house and ensure they don’t return. The bat expert will begin with an inspection to determine the size of the colony and how they’re getting in and out of the house. Often for removal of bats from the attic, special one-way doors will be installed to allow them to leave. All droppings and spoiled insulation will be removed and then the house is sealed so the bats cannot return.

How can you prevent a bat infestation?

Contact your home services company to repair any damaged roofing, vents or chimneys. Seal any gaps in the siding. Close any attic windows. Install screens in chimneys and over vents. But be careful not to seal bats inside your attic.


You do not want to mess around with bats on your own. Protect yourself and your family by contacting a pest control expert at your local home services company. 

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