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Must-Know Tips When Planning a 2022 Home Project

Raising the Standard Podcast

Raising the Standard Episode 43

BOSS owner Jeff Street and WSJM’s Spencer Rivers are looking into the not-too-distant future this week with must-know tips when planning a home project for 2022.  Listen to the podcast above for what you can expect for lead times in 2022, and how to ensure your project is completed by your ideal timeline.

Planning for Your 2022 Home Project: Consider Longer Lead Times 

With shipping, production, and material shortages in consideration, it’s necessary to start contacting contractors and home service providers months before you want to start your 2022 home project. If you know you want a project done next spring or summer, now is definitely the time to start the process. Whether you’re looking for concrete work, deck-building, pools, kitchen remodeling, etc., start planning your project this winter. You need to establish a relationship with your contractor and get your project on the list now to be certain it will be completed by the end date you have in mind. 

BOSS Customers Can Still Get Same-Day or Next-Day Furnace Appointments

Some industries are affected by shipping issues, and some aren’t right now. This is dependent upon whether or not the company has planned accordingly in our current climate.  At BOSS Services, we just had 150 furnaces delivered for the winter that are ready for our customers. All winter long, we will be ready to install furnaces the next day if needed. At one point generator lead times were 6 to 7 months to have in stock. Thankfully, we ordered more than we usually do and have them on our shelves available right away for customers. 

However, when it comes to our bathroom upgrades and window replacement, those are custom services and, therefore, will have a longer lead-time.  When someone is custom-making windows or a bathtub specific to your home’s dimensions, you should plan for a lead time of anywhere from 1-3 months.

Preventative Furnace Maintenance is Important with Rising Energy Costs

Currently, we are doing preventive furnace check-ups and can get you on our schedule in the same week for preventative maintenance.  If you have a major breakdown, however, we can come out the same day or the very next morning in some instances to get it up and running as soon as possible. It’s especially important to have your furnace checked before the winter weather hits. The average consumer is anticipated to spend an extra $43 per month on your gas bill in 2022.

When it’s colder outside, that means your furnace has to work harder to heat your home. In cold temperatures, that’s when we see the most furnace breakdowns due to this extra usage to heat homes. So if you get your furnace maintenance by a professional HVAC technician and make sure it’s running as efficient as possible ahead of time, you’re going  to save more money on your gas bill. 

How Does My Furnace Filter Help with Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality?

All filters all have a MERV rating and they go from 1 to 20. The standard one-inch filter that comes with the furnace is typically a MERV 4 rating. A filter that filters out more particles will have a higher MERV rating. For example, a HEPA filter around the 18 MERV-range. So it really depends on what type of filter you have on your furnace, how big it is , and whether or not you have an electronic filter or not. For instance, we have the American Standard AccuClean filter that plugs in, cleans the air, and traps more particles. Shameless plug: you can purchase one at our online store even: https://thebossservices.com/online-store/#/search?q=IAQ.

If you want to filter more particles, you need a higher MERV rating.  However, if you go too high, it restricts the air too much and causes problems with the furnace in some instances. This is why we recommend asking an HVAC technician to look at your furnace and make a professional recommendation to be sure it’s the right filter for your furnace. 

Are You Planning a 2022 Home Project?

Have any questions about anything we discussed on the podcast? You can reach out to us directly at 269-468-6682 or contact us right here on the website to book an appointment.  Good luck planning your next home project! If it’s HVAC, plumbing, windows, or bathroom remodeling-related, we would love to help you get your project done as quickly as possible!

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