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Next-Level Home Experts Episode 8: Tips for Selecting the Right Flooring for Your Home

Welcome to another episode of The Next Level Home Experts presented by BOSS Services, your new source for all home improvement and home safety questions! We’ll be interviewing the top local home service experts in the industry so make sure to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode! You can also help us continue to grow and bring you great content by sharing this episode with a friend who may find it helpful and leaving us a review on the streaming platform of your choice.

In this episode, we’ll be interviewing Tom of Carpet Mart. Carpet Mart is a family-owned and operated retail store that has been running since 1976, offering full-service installations for all the products they sell and promote. It’s a one-stop shop for all flooring needs. Tom offers some great advice to consumers looking for new flooring, as well as those looking to keep their flooring in the best possible shape.

Here’s our episode at a glance:

(1:48) – Tom gives the background of Carpet Mart and how he got into the flooring business

(3:39) – What does the process look like for someone looking for kitchen and living room floors

(6:36) – Tom talks about carpets in bathrooms and mistakes to avoid

(10:32) – Tom gives his recommendations on what works best with bedroom floors

(15:13) – Tom ranks the lifespan and costs of the different types of flooring

(19:06) – The guys ask about what are some of the things people can do to protect their flooring from wear and tear

(23:49) – Tom explains how pets are a misnomer when thinking about flooring, but it really depends on the pet 

(26:59) – Tom advises people to come in and talk to them, even if they don’t have a plan or strategy

How to Contact Carpet Mart for any flooring questions:

Website: www.carpetmartmi.com

Phone: (269) 924-0488

Email: thomas.p.kolaskey@carpetmartmi.com

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