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Next-Level Home Experts Episode 9: How to Prep Your Home for Spring With Fresh Paint Or Stain

Welcome to another episode of The Next-Level Home Experts Podcast presented by BOSS Services, your source for all home improvement and home safety questions! We’ll be interviewing the top local home service experts in the industry so make sure to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode!

In this episode, we’ll be interviewing James Thomas from Armed to Paint! Based in Benton Harbor and serving all of Southwest Michigan for over 8 years, Armed to Paint is a local business providing interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial buildings.

Armed to Paint offers services such as staining, wallpaper removal, power washing, patchwork, and repairs. James offers some great advice to customers looking to revamp their homes as well as take the best care of their paint jobs!

Here’s our episode at a glance:

(1:24) – James gives us an insight into his business and how they can help you

(3:45) – James explains how their specialty is smaller homes and families who have just moved into a new home that needs a revamp 

(5:00) – James takes us through the process of picking new paint colors for your home and shares his advice on the best way to get started 

(6:37) – James speaks about working with people who are colorblind and how he ensures the client gets the color they’re looking for

(7:10) – We ask James about the current trends in the painting industry 

(10:10) – James shares the do’s and don’ts for painting vinyl 

(11:55) – James gives us the rundown on why you should power wash your house and shares his best advice on how to do it correctly and safely 

(15:21) – James shares some final advice and tips on ways to correctly prep your house for a paint revamp! 

How to Contact Armed to Paint:

Website: https://armedtopaint.weebly.com/

Phone: +1 269-519-8859

Email: armedtopaint@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArmedtoPaint/about

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