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Now Offering Electrical Services to Southwest Michigan!

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Receive $50 Off (any electrical service $200+)

When we first created BOSS Services, we had the ultimate goal of being one reliable call for Southwest Michigan homeowners whenever they needed any home service. We have been steadily growing our list of services over the years, offering heating, cooling, plumbing, bathroom upgrades, and windows, and now we are proud to announce we have an in-house electrician for any electrical services you may need!

So what electrical services are we now providing? Read more or listen to our weekly podcast on WSJM below to find out!

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What Electrical Services Does BOSS Provide?

Now that we have a master electrician on staff full time, we can offer a full scope of electrical services. We can provide anything from a panel upgrade, a generator, install new outlets,repair overloaded circuits and tripped breakers, install a three-way switch, fix a ceiling fan, repair flickering lights, or even fix the electrical in an entire section of your home that is having problems. 

So if you have any electrical problems in your home, or  if you are looking to upgrade anything, BOSS Services is now able to help. 

Common Electrical Needs

Fixing Three-Phase Power Issues

Recently, after a major storm, we had an electrical problem at our office in Benton Harbor. We have three-phase power for our building, so that means we have three hot wires. We lost two of the wires resulting in only having partial power to our entire building. With three-phase power, you have two wires coming in and one wire is feeding each half of your electric box. After a storm or power outage, it’s common that one of those wires gets knocked out for whatever reason, losing connection. If a wire gets fried, half of your breakers are not getting power in that circumstance. So thankfully, our electrician can come out and fix that for you now. 

Repairing Tripping Breakers

Another common problem that homeowners run into is they are constantly tripping breakers and need to upgrade their panel. At BOSS Services, we can install a whole new breaker box, a new meter pan, new wires leading up to the power company’s wires if needed, underground overhead…we are prepared to do whatever it takes to make your electricity run efficiently and effectively!

Adding Additional Power Outlets

We also have a lot of requests from homeowners for new outlets or moving outlets because they need them more conveniently placed for their specific needs in their home. For instance, if you want to add a garbage disposal or a dishwasher, there’s not just a plumbing aspect of that installation. If you don’t have a power outlet nearby before you get a garbage disposal, you have to get a power outlet put in under your sink, and then you have to get a switch put into the wall to wire it to. So there is a little bit more to common home upgrades than people realize that require electrical work. 

Upgrading a Panel to Add Central Air Conditioning

Being a heating and cooling company as well, one of the things that we run into a lot are people that don’t have air conditioning and want to add central air to their home. Unfortunately, sometimes don’t have the power requirements to add a central AC system. In order to do this, you have to either upgrade your panel, change out some breakers, or reroute things. Before having a full time electrician on staff, we had to refer people to other companies, but now we can do it in house. 

BOSS Services Total Home Care Club Members Now Get 10% Off Electrical Services!

With BOSS Services now offering electrical as an additional service, our BOSS Total Home Care Club Members can receive 10% off any electrical services because members receive 10% off all of our services. Our members always receive a 10% discount on HVAC, plumbing and electrical services anytime we enter your home. So it’s a benefit to our customers that they can call one company for all the major services needed in their home and can save money on top of that!

How to Contact BOSS Services for an Electrical Service

If you have been trying to get an electrician to your home to fix a wiring issue, upgrade a panel, install a generator, or anything else you may need, you can call our office at 269-468-6682 to set up an appointment at your convenience. We serve all of Southwest Michigan from Niles and New Buffalo to the St. Joseph and Benton Harbor area to Kalamazoo.

If you have any heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, bathroom, or window questions, we are the most comprehensive home services company in the area with a reputation for raising the standard in the industry. We are happy to help make your home comfortable and free of any issues however we can and will refer you to someone else if we don’t provide that service. 

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