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Raising the Standard Episode 42: Rising Energy Costs Predicted in 2022

Raising the Standard Podcast Cover Photo
Raising the Standard Podcast Episode 42

On episode 42 of our podcast, BOSS owner Jeff Street is looking to the future and ready to discuss what you can do about rising energy costs predicted in 2022. So let’s dive into this discussion with WSJM’s Spencer Rivers!

What You Can Do About Rising Energy Costs in 2022

If you’re unsure if you need a new furnace, you should always have it checked at least once a year. With rising energy costs in 2022 predicted across the board, it’s important to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. We are currently seeing the following price increases in: gas, propane, electricity, and other utilities.  Unfortunately, once prices start to rise, you shouldn’t expect them to decline anytime soon.

The rise in energy costs are why the efficiency of your HVAC system is so important.  We want our customers to conserve energy costs as much as possible. If your system is more efficient, that will help you control costs.  A low efficiency system in 2021 is actually more efficient than a high efficiency HVAC system was 15-20 years ago.

Even if you have a 15 to 20 year old furnace, it is still less efficient than any entry level equipment in 2021.  This causes you to spend more on your gas or propane bill than you would with a newer HVAC system.

Visit Indiana Michigan Power’s website for some great rebates going on now until mid-November on high efficiency systems: https://electricideas.com/at-home/rebates/hvac-and-energy-saving-products/

Get a New HVAC System for Low Monthly Interest-Free Payments

With price increases across the board, people may be thinking, “I can’t afford a new HVAC system right now…maybe I should wait for prices to go down.” Thankfully, at BOSS, we secured our pricing with our vendor until the end of 2021 back in July.  So our customers won’t experience price increases if they get a quote for a new system yet this year.

Additionally, BOSS Services is the only company in Southwest Michigan that has a subscription-based HVAC program: The BOSS Freedom Plan. There is no payment up front for a new HVAC system. With this plan, we allow homeowners to pay a low monthly, interest-free payment instead. It also comes with benefits like:

  • Free annual heating and cooling maintenance 
  • Free covered repairs, parts, and air filters 
  • Free 24/7 priority scheduling 
  • No trip charges, diagnostic fees, overtime fees, or expensive repair

You receive all of this for about the same low monthly price you pay for your other essential home services! If you’re interested in learning more, we have a great explainer video on our webpage for this program: https://thebossservices.com/the-boss-freedom-plan/

A Big Misconception on Preparing Your AC Unit for Winter

Everyone has turned on their furnace already this year, but there is a big misconception about preparing outdoor air conditioning units for winter. A lot of air conditioners have nice covers you can put over them to supposedly protect them from winter weather. However, we highly recommend you do not cover your outdoor air condenser. They are actually made to sit outside and to withstand snow and other winter conditions.  

If you cover your AC unit, you run the risk of rodents and other outdoor critters making it their home for the winter. We often see that rodents have eaten through the unit’s wires. This ultimately creates costly repairs and possibly an AC replacement.

The second reason you shouldn’t cover your AC unit for winter is homeowners sometimes forget their unit is covered. So when they accidentally turn their air conditioner on without uncovering it, it will completely destroy the unit. We see this happen sometimes on the first warm day of the year. Kids get home from school and turn on the AC while the outdoor condenser unit is still covered.

We have one last tip for your outdoor AC unit if it is susceptible to icicle damage. While you shouldn’t completely cover it, you can put plywood over the top of it with a brick on top. This will protect it from potential falling icicles.

Any Questions About Anything in This Week’s Podcast?

If you would like to have your furnace examined before winter, we have real people answering the phones 24/7. You can make an appointment by calling 269-468-6682 for a $59 worry-free guarantee furnace exam.  If anything breaks down this winter after we’ve examined your furnace, we will refund your $59 guaranteed.

Do you need to look into options for an HVAC system replacement? We have locked in our prices until the end of 2021 with our vendor. As we said, those savings are passed on to our customers. Call to schedule a free consultation with one of our Comfort Advisors now to lock in that low pricing!

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