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Slow Drains On A Septic System? Read this

As long as everything goes down the drain, no one worries about their drain and sewer line (or septic line). Regular maintenance would keep all your drains flowing smoothly, but many homeowners have never contacted a home services company for annual plumbing maintenance. It’s a good idea and would help you avoid any of the drain/sewage problems we’re about to go over. Fortunately there are some warning signs before your drain, sewer line or septic line is totally blocked—when that happens your whole house will come to a standstill.

Do you have a sewer connection or septic tank system?

Before we go over the signs that you may need a plumbing professional to come for service, it’s good to know if you’re connected to the municipal sewer system or if you have your own septic tank system. If you live in town, you’re likely connected to the sewer system, but you could verify by checking your water bill. If there’s a sewer charge on your bill, you’re connected. If not, you probably have a septic tank in your yard (and probably a manhole cover).

Drain issues that should prompt you to call the plumber

1. Sewage smells

It’s not normal for bad odours to come up through your sink and bathtub drains. If you’re smelling foul gases after running water, you should contact a plumbing professional to come and have a look. If you’re smelling sewage outside your house (near the septic tank or drainfield), your septic tank system could have damaged or blocked vent, dry drains, a flooded or full tank.

2. Slow drains and clogged drains

Water moving slowly down the drain could be a clogged drain pipe under your sink. Is it slow in one sink or all throughout the house?

3. Gurgling drains

Gurgling sounds coming from your drains after a toilet flush or running water could indicate a sewer line blockage or full septic tank.

4. Backed-up drains

Whenever you have wastewater backing up into drains, you have a serious problem that needs immediate attention. For example, if you flush your toilet and water comes up into the sink or bathtub, there is a serious block. A plumbing professional will determine if you have clogged sewer or septic line, full septic tank or blocked vent stacks.

5. Soggy, spongy grass

Do you have a section of your yard that is always soggy or spongy? Call your home services company immediately as this is likely a serious problem in your drainfield or a break in your sewer line.


No one thinks about their sewer line or septic system until something goes wrong. Sewage and septic system problems need to be addressed immediately as these systems handle bacteria and other dangerous substances that can affect the health and safety of your family and pets if left untreated. Whether you need drain cleaning, sewer or septic line repair, septic tank pumping or septic system replacement, the plumbing experts at your preferred home services company will be able to quickly assess the problem and recommend the best solution.

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