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The Latest in Boiler Technology in 2022

Raising the Standard Podcast

Raising the Standard Episode 51

Just like most technology has progressed substantially in the last couple decades, boilers have made big strides as well. When you think of a boiler, you may think of this big dinosaur cast iron system in your basement that makes a lot of noise when it heats up, but they have become incredibly efficient.

Listen or read below as BOSS owner and HVAC Technician, Jerry Street dives into how boilers work most efficiently today as he discusses this topic with WSJM News/Talk on-air personality, Spencer Rivers.

Raising the Standard Podcast Episode 51

How have boilers progressed in technology over the years?

In the past, boilers were 40% efficient, but now they go up to about 95% efficieny just like a conventional furnace. Jerry personally has a radiant floor heat located under his floor. He has no baseboard registers, which is what most people normally consider with hot water heat. Rather, he just has tubing running under the floor in his basement, which actually heats his entire house!

Typically we will find a customer’s boiler is an old cast iron boiler that has been there since the 1940’s or 1950’s. At BOSS, we often retrofit older boilers to use the same radiators throughout the house in a much more efficient manner.

What is the latest in boiler technology?

With the new Viessmann boilers, they have a control that monitors the outdoor temperature. So modern boilers will actually run the proper hot water temperature corresponding with the outdoor temperature. This means the colder it gets outside, the hotter the water that is running through those radiators will be. The result is that your boiler is more efficient and you’re also more comfortable since your boiler isn’t overheating your entire home.

What else can boilers do today that they couldn’t previously?

Physically, boilers today are actually smaller than a furnace. However, in regards to heat output, it can be twice as large using a boiler compared to a furnace. Nowadays, we can actually consolidate your boiler and water heater, so you’ll only need a boiler to heat your home and your water. Essentially, we can replace your water heater with a boiler so you can heat your hot water with the same appliance and completely eliminate your water heater. This is a huge cost savings for a homeowner. 

How can you ensure your boiler lasts longer?

With any boiler system, it is recycling the same water, unless you have a leak. It is a completely closed loop system. This means there is zero fresh water being introduced to a boiler system. This is something people don’t talk about often, but this is why you should regularly maintain your boiler system.

You can add conditioners to the water to ensure that water is clear of pollutants. Over the years, your water is run through your lines over and over again. Especially if it runs through old cast iron, you may find your water is black and murky. In order to ensure your water is cleaner and to extend the life of your boiler system, it’s imperative to put additives into the water so it doesn’t adversely affect your boiler and shorten its lifespan. 

Just like your water heater, you should also make sure you flush your boiler with some cleaner and a pump every 6 months to ensure efficiency and extend its life expectancy. Here is a good article on how to flush your boiler: https://justboilers.com/how-to-drain-a-central-heating-system/

Can I replace my current HVAC system with a boiler?

You can definitely replace your current HVAC system with a boiler. However, a boiler cannot provide cool air in the warmer months. For a lot of homes with boilers, we suggest adding Mitsubishi ductless mini-split units throughout the home for air conditioning, which means the boiler supplies all the heat necessary for the colder months. 

Any other boiler questions?

Do you have a specific question about your boiler or installing a boiler in your home? Give us a call at 269-468-6682 or fill out an appointment form right here to have a professional BOSS technician out to your home to examine your specific situation to see how you can heat your home more efficiently this winter! Thanks for “listening” – talk to you next week!

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