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What in the World is a 1-Day Bathroom Upgrade?

Raising the Standard Podcast

Raising the Standard Episode 50

BOSS owner Jeff Street is at it again this week and talking about bathroom upgrades with WSJM News/Talk’s very own Spencer Rivers.  So what exactly is a bathroom upgrade, and why is BOSS the place to call if you want to update just about anything in your bathroom?  Listen above for more or read on!

Most Common Reasons to Update Your Bathroom

Usually, clients call us for a bathroom upgrade because their tub or shower is old.  Actually, if you just update one thing in your bathroom, your tub or shower area will make the most drastic difference in its entire aesthetic.  If your tile is falling off, grout lines are filled with mold, you’re missing pieces of caulk, or the shower head is rusted, these are all clear signs it may be time to upgrade your tub or shower area.

So What Does a BOSS Bathroom Upgrade Entail?

We are one of the few companies in the area that can do a bathroom upgrade in 1-2 days.  Due to the fact that our installation process is as short as 1 day, there are upgrade items we don’t do, such as bathroom tile. So what do we do in 1-2 days?  We can take your tub out and take your walls down all the way to your drywall (even down to the studs). We also will replace your sub-floor, especially if it has water damage.  A tub that leaks usually results in rotted wood so we can replace that if needed.  After we’ve completed the demolition process, we  put in a brand new custom tub.  Our tubs are made-to-order right in Chicago so it’s custom for your unique space. 

Custom Showers and Tubs with Endless Style Options

We also have acrylic surrounds with endless possibilities of colors and design.  We have simulated tile, marble patterns, and just about any style you can think of.  We will even put acrylic in your ceiling to prevent mold build up above your shower or tub. Every seam has at least 3 layers of leak protection to prevent future leaks.

Besides tubs and showers, we have soap dishes, corner shelves, toilets, sinks, shower bars, bench seats, shower doors, new vanities, curtains, and more accessories.   Even though we don’t do tile flooring, we are able to install vinyl or linoleum flooring so we have some nice options that will match with your overall design.  A benefit of vinyl or linoleum is that you won’t have to clean grout build-up, making that floor style much easier to clean.

We Even Do Tubs with Jets

Let’s talk about tubs.  We have your basic walk-in tubs, but also we can put in jets, lights, and even inline heaters. These heaters will heat the water as it circulates through the jets so you never have to worry about the water getting cold. 

Additionally, we also can convert showers to tubs or a tub to a shower.  We have handicap accessible options so you don’t have to worry about climbing over the side of the bathtub and worry about falling down or slipping.  In addition, we can craft showers that are handicap accessible where wheelchairs can easily roll into the shower.

How to Get the Process Started

We will send a BOSS Comfort Advisor out to your home for a free consultation.  They will bring samples of all of their wall systems, brochures, and an app on their I-pad that can design your bathroom to show you what it would look like.  You can go through hundreds of options with them to see what you like best.

The lead-time on getting a custom item in for your bathroom is about 3 months currently so if you schedule a free consultation now, we can install your new bathroom items by this spring easily. The installation will only take 1-2 days once your order comes in so your bathroom isn’t compromised for weeks.

Any Bathroom Questions We Didn’t Cover?

If you have any questions about upgrading your bathroom specifically, you can call to set up your free consultation anytime at 269-468-6682 or fill out a request form for an appointment right here on our website. Thanks for listening – talk to you next week!

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