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What to Look for in a Quality Replacement Window

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Raising the Standard Episode 56

We have a special treat on today’s episode of Raising the Standard: Our Sales Manager, Don Manske, joins owner Jeff Street to talk about what to look for in a quality window when it comes time for a replacement. With rainy weather and melting snow upon us, we also discuss the important topic of sump pumps. Listen to the full podcast or read more below!

Raising the Standard Episode 56

Sump Pump Season is Upon Us

With melting snow and the rainy spring season upon us, we definitely want to cover the importance of sump pumps. This time of year in West Michigan, we hear about flooded basements and crawl spaces often, especially from homeowners that don’t have sump pumps.  If you do have a sump pump, stop what you’re doing right now, and check your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. This way when the snow melts, you don’t find a big mess in your basement.

After all, nobody wants a flooded basement due to the mess alone, but also most of your HVAC equipment and water heater is located down there. So you don’t want to risk water damage to these expensive systems in your home. Last but not least, electrocution is a very real threat when you have a flooded basement so be safe and don’t go down there and wade around in it. 

Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pumps should be tested periodically. This time of year, it doesn’t hurt to test them once a month even. In order to test it, all you have to do is either pour some water into your pit then see if it turns on and pumps it out. On some sump pumps, there’s a little float on it, where you can just reach down there and lift up the float and see if your pump turns on. It’s really that simple. If it doesn’t turn on, it’s time to call a professional (we service sump pumps!). If it turns on, it’s working properly, and you won’t have anything to worry about during times of rain and melting snow.

We Install Sump Pumps and Whole-Home Generators

If you don’t have a sump pump, we do install sump pumps and replace old ones. We also do battery backup. If you are on city water, there is a Liberty backup system where it will run off the city’s water pressure. This means you’re using the city water pressure to run your sump pump and don’t have to worry about even maintaining batteries at that point.

We also are in a time of power outages being a common occurrence. So if you have frequent power outages, a whole-home generator is a great investment. They will even run your pump when your power goes out. So you don’t have to worry about flooding when a power outage happens. We sell generators and you can learn more here: https://thebossservices.com/whole-home-generator/

Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows

Many homes built in the 50’s or older were built with wood windows. However, with wood windows, there is significant energy loss, especially if they are older than a couple decades. Unfortunately, wood windows tend to swell and contract. Also, moisture forms on the bottom of the window and freezes with older wood windows, which causes rotting (pictured above).  

We sell vinyl windows made with fusion-welded corners and double pane glass with Low-e and argon gas for energy efficiency. In addition, there is no swelling with vinyl windows so you won’t have a hard time and opening and closing them, even after several years. Our windows actually protect your home from the outside elements and come with a lifetime warranty, which is very important because once you make a purchase as big as windows for your home, you want that investment to last.

What to Look for in Energy Efficient Windows

Our BOSS Windows have two panes of glass, insulated with argon gas, which allows the heating and cooling in your home to stay inside where it belongs. Additionally, our windows have Low-E that is melted onto the glass, which operates as another way to keep energy in your home by keeping the sun out of your home. So with our windows, you also won’t experience fading in your carpets and furniture. 

The Benefits of a Custom-Built Window

You should also look for windows that are custom built. Our windows are entirely custom built. Our BOSS Comfort Advisors actually go out and measure every window to within a quarter inch to be able to have the perfect custom fit. A lot of other window manufacturers make windows in stock sizes. Then, all they do is just put a trim board on to make it fit within your window space in your home. With our windows being custom made, we don’t put any fillers in so your window is custom built to fit like a glove without air leaks anywhere.

What is the Process of Replacing Your Windows?

We provide free consultations for window replacements. We come out and do a measurement and sit down at the table to go over all the functions of this window that we haven’t even covered today like interlocks, safety locks, multi-chamber frames, and so on. We then provide homeowners with a quote, and our price is exact to the penny. No hidden surprises. If this sounds good to the homeowner, we order the windows, which then take 8-10 weeks to come in since they are custom made.

If you want new windows by summer, now is the perfect time to get the process started. Visit our window page now to learn more: https://thebossservices.com/more-services/windows/

How Many Windows Should I Replace at a Time? 

To be honest, replacement windows are not inexpensive because it’s an investment in your home forever. This is why we have a lot of homeowners who opt for replacing just one window to five windows at a time and then come back and do five more next year. Whatever works best for the homeowner, we will gladly work together with you to replace your windows how you see fit.

Any Other Questions on Windows or Sump Pumps?

If you have any questions about investing in a sump pump or windows, we answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 269-468-6682. Our BOSS Comfort Advisors serve West Michgian areas from Niles, Michigan to St. Joseph to East Grand Rapids areas like Hudsonville and Grandville and as far east as Kalamazoo, Portage, and Plainwell. We are happy to come to your home and assess your goals and offer a custom solution with a free consultation for new windows.

Thanks for listening or reading today, and we look forward to talking to you next week!

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