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Why Some Vinyl Windows are Built to Fail

When replacing your windows, you have a lot of different options: vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or composite. Vinyl windows are a popular replacement choice because they are durable, stylish, less maintenance, and more reasonably priced than other options. However, like anything in this world, you truly get what you pay for with vinyl windows. Unfortunately, not all vinyl windows are built to last. 

Below are 3 reasons why some vinyl windows are built to fail and what you should look for in a long-lasting vinyl window.

Vinyl Window Fail #1: Poor Materials and Construction

As with any major home purchase, it’s important to do your research before purchasing your windows. You may go to one window company and find their vinyl windows are cheaper than anywhere else. A problem that some people face with a cheap vinyl window is that they may need another replacement in just a few years. In reality, quality vinyl windows can last for decades, especially if the homeowner takes care of them with maintenance and small repairs when needed.

So how can you tell if a vinyl window is low quality? If the frame feels flimsy and cheap when you touch it, it’s definitely not a quality window. This is why buying windows online can result in a quality issue. Most importantly, most quality windows come with some type of lifetime warranty. If you’re thinking of purchasing a window without a lifetime warranty, understand that there is a reason the manufacturer does not stand behind the quality of their windows.

Why BOSS Vinyl Windows are Built to Last…with a Lifetime Warranty!

BOSS Windows are made with more vinyl chambers and have double the thickness as a result. More vinyl walls mean more strength and more ability to deflect more air. This means wind and other forces of nature won’t affect it as much over time. Rather than using foam filled frames, our local Southwest Michigan manufacturer has found that using more chambers insulates just as well as foam frames. Foam does nothing to prevent cold from traveling across vinyl walls, which causes damage over time. Tests have shown there is no difference with foam filled air chambers. Remember, cold does travel along vinyl, but not across multiple chambers.

We believe in the quality of our windows so much that we have a best-in-business lifetime warranty that comes with every window.  So if your window breaks within 20 years, we will replace the parts or the window itself for free!

Vinyl Window Fail #2: Warping

Typically, window frames made of wood and vinyl are prone to warping. This means they can expand and contract during temperature extremes. This can be an issue because when windows warp, they are more difficult to open and close. However, once again, warping is most definitely a low quality vinyl window issue that typically occurs after 10 years or less of purchasing them.  A warped window will show cracks and gaps, affecting their aesthetic and your home’s energy efficiency. 

How BOSS Vinyl Windows Prevent Warping:

Why are frames are fusion-welded, not screwed

As previously mentioned, our vinyl windows are built with stronger vinyl and more vinyl chambers to prevent warping. Another way BOSS Windows prevent warping is the vinyl frames are fusion-welded, not screwed together. For that reason, they can last decades longer than cheaply made vinyl windows. Our windows are designed to provide high resistance to heat loss or gain throughout the year. The fusion-welded multi-chambered extrusions and double glazing trap provides more insulation than the average window to prevent warping over time. 

Thermal Breakdown: Why Vinyl is a Better Insulator Than Wood

Vinyl is a natural insulating material which does not conduct heat and cold like metal does. Vinyl been proven to insulate 1400 times better than aluminum. Moreover, vinyl has insulating qualities comparable to more expensive wood frames, but none of the disadvantages such as rotting, cracking, and the constant need for painting and expensive maintenance.  

Our manufacturer performed an experiment where a semi-truck sat on one of our windows for a whole day. The end result? That window did not break whatsoever. This is a true testament to the durability and strength of a vinyl window with thicker fusion-welded walls and double strength glass.

A semi-truck can’t even break our windows!

Vinyl Fail #3 Seal-Failure:

As aforementioned with warping issues, cheap vinyl can expand and contract noticeably over time. As a window ages, condensation problems can cause warping to occur. When exposed to temperature changes, vinyl expands and contracts, pulling at the seal which eventually results in seal failure.

If you notice droplets of water on your window, you should contact the seller immediately to fix them, especially if they are newer windows. Most quality windows come with a warranty just in case issues like this arise.

How BOSS Windows Prevent Water Damage:

Water damage and condensation issues are a common reason why some vinyl windows have seal failure.  BOSS Windows prevent seal failure in a couple ways:

  • Our windows have 3 rows of thick black weatherstripping. Most manufacturers only use 2 rows of thinner weatherstripping, which doesn’t prevent water damage as effectively.
Making Our Triple Weatherstripping
  • We uniquely use a special silicone foam air spacer, called a SuperSpacer to separate the inner and outer panes of glass. This slows temperature transfer much better than metal spacers. Our windows conduct 100 times less temperature than traditional steel spacers as a result. This reduces the chance of condensation, sweat and mold growth. 
  • Our windows have interlocking sashes that lock together at a 90 degree angle to keep out winter weather in combination with our triple weatherstripping. Both pangs of glass rest in 90 degree interlocking sashes with glue as additional reinforcement. Imagine two hands coming together by interlocking fingers. This is the same concept our windows use to interlock the sashes together perfectly. This technology keeps out winter winds better than windows that simply rely on butting their sashes together.

Questions About Vinyl Windows?

When constructed and installed properly, we strongly believe vinyl windows are a top option to consider when replacing your windows. While wood requires painting and more general maintenance to stay in good shape as they age, vinyl hardly requires any maintenance at all.  Plus, vinyl windows have come a long way with style and color options. If you purchase a quality vinyl window and make timely repairs if needed, there’s no reason your windows shouldn’t last 20 years or more!

Are you seeing any of these issues with your current vinyl windows or are you considering a vinyl window replacement? Give us a call at 269-468-6682, and we can have a BOSS Window Advisor come out to your home for a free consultation.  They will even bring a sample window so you can see for yourself why BOSS Windows are quality vinyl windows. We are currently doing $750 off a complete window upgrade of 5 windows or more. Claim that offer here: https://thebossservices.com/more-services/windows/

We hope your vinyl windows have held up well for decades, but if they aren’t, we are happy to provide you with options to replace them!

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