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Ep 13 – Spring Home Maintenance Prep: Generators and Early AC Check Ups!


On this week’s episode of Raising the Standard with WSJM’s Jim Gifford, the BOSS Services brothers/owners Jeff and Jerry Street discuss a couple different home maintenance tips to think about for the spring now that furnace season is winding down with warmer temps on the way!

1) Prepare for Spring Storms with a Whole-Home Generator

If you made it through the winter without a generator, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will make it through spring without one, considering the amount of storms that occur this time of year.  Generators have been in short supply this past year due to major storms in Florida a while back and more recently in Texas, with most generator shipments going to storm-afflicted states right now.

At the time of this podcast (March 5, 2021), we have one Honeywell Whole-Home Generator in stock, but for anyone who wants a whole-home generator, we would recommend having us put one on order for you right away since we are expecting a 2-3 month lead time from suppliers. It’s always good to be prepared for the unexpected, as we all have learned in the last year!

2) March $59 Worry-FREE AC Check-Ups

We’re also currently doing an Early Bird Air Conditioning March Check Ups for only $59 to make sure your AC is running properly before you need it.  With that check-up, we are offering a No Breakdown Guarantee for the entire summer season or your money back! We’ll evict the rodents from your condenser and replace anything those critters may have chewed up over the winter months to make sure your AC is ready when the temperatures rise!  

Book your Worry-FREE AC March Check-Up today by clicking here: https://thebossservices.com/spring-worry-free/

Last of all, we wrap up the show with a reminder that whenever a customer calls our phones, there’s always a BOSS Services employee who answers the phone 24/7 for any emergency heating, cooling, or plumbing issues…you might even talk to an owner!  Enjoy the spring sunshine – talk to you all next week!

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