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Raising the Standard Episode 20: BOSS Paid Summer Internship Program


BOSS owners/brothers Jeff and Jerry Street join new WSJM “Taking the Lead” Morning Show host Mark Hamlin to reveal that they are once again doing the BOSS Paid Summer Internship Program for Southwest Michigan high schoolers who are interested in learning the trades and making some extra money this summer.  

This year, they are encouraging high schoolers between the ages of 16-18 to apply on their website: https://thebossservices.com/high-school-summer-internship-program/

They will choose 2 lucky high schoolers for this paid internship, and they will be exposed to HVAC and Plumbing all summer long.  They will learn valuable skills, build their confidence, and learn how BOSS Raises the Standard in the industry by working alongside the most motivated and comprehensive home services team in Southwest Michigan.

Jeff and Jerry talk with Mark about how the trades have been thriving, even in the past year where many industries are struggling.  As a result, there is always a demand for people with the skills necessary to provide home services like HVAC and Plumbing.  So they believe that introducing younger people to the trades earlier will help those who don’t have college aspirations get started early in a flourishing industry where you can earn an above average living without college debt.

Last year, their 2 summer interns decided to continue working at BOSS after graduating this year.  One will be starting as a Plumber, and the other will be working as an HVAC Tech at BOSS this summer full time.  So it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a jump start on a career right after graduating!

Last but not least, Mark inquires about what else BOSS has going on this summer, and the Street brothers discuss the new BOSS Freedom Plan, a subscription-based plan that allows homeowners to get a new HVAC system in their home for a low monthly payment, interest-free, no money down.  It’s the only plan of it’s kind in Southwest Michigan. Along with a new system, for this low monthly payment, you’ll also receive free maintenance, free repairs (parts and labor 100% free!), and much more for the life of the plan.  You can learn more about it here:  https://thebossservices.com/the-boss-freedom-plan/

Questions or comments about anything discussed in this week’s Raising the Standard episode?  Let us know below!

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