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Hybrid Geothermal HVAC System

Use Well Water to Heat and Cool Your Home!

You can now use well water to heat and cool your home with our hybrid geothermal system! BOSS Services is the ONLY company in Southwest Michigan providing this innovative technology, proven to save homeowners 50-70% in energy costs per year!  Many customers report that they are able to air condition and dehumidify their home for about $50 ALL summer…no air conditioning unit necessary!  Plus, overall our hybrid geothermal system is more affordable than other geothermal options.

How Does It Work?

With this open loop geothermal system, warm or cool air is delivered into your home utilizing thermal energy created from your well water. First, the well water passes through a vapor compression process to heat and cool your home. After the thermal energy is extracted and delivered through your ducts, the water is released back into the ground. It then filters through the soil and returns safely to underground aquifers.  

So where does the “hybrid” come into the picture?  On extremely cold winter days, your home’s existing furnace is used for supplemental heating only. However, on hot summer days, your geothermal system can handle cooling your home entirely on its own!

Is My Home a Candidate for a Hybrid Geothermal System?

Your home is the ideal fit for this system if:  

1)You have a well.

2) You heat your home with propane, fuel oil, electricity or wood.

3) Your home has ductwork or room to add some ductwork. 

We also recommend keeping your furnace for supplemental heating for extremely cold days, but the Hybrid Geothermal system will provide the majority of the heat throughout the winter.  

A More Affordable Geothermal Solution

In comparison to most geothermal systems, our well-water hybrid geothermal system requires a 75% lower water flow rate, which means almost any well can support it.  Other closed-loop systems require heavy excavation equipment to install, making the typical initial cost range from $30,000 to $40,000.  However, with this system, there’s no need to replace your existing heating system or to install equipment underground. This makes the installation itself easier, faster, and a fraction of the cost!  

If you have questions about how a hybrid geothermal system could work in your home, contact BOSS today for a free consultation today!