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Raising the Standard Episode 39: New Home Service Announcement

Raising the Standard Podcast

BOSS owner, Jeff Street has an exciting new service announcement on Raising the Standard Episode 39 this week.  He is proud to announce our newest service: Windows! Our ultimate goal is to provide every home service a homeowner could possibly need. If you have quality windows, they work together with your HVAC system to maintain high energy efficiency. So window installation was a logical addition for our newest home service. 

How Can You Tell if You Need New Windows?

With a cold Southwest Michigan winter coming up, it’s especially important to make sure your windows aren’t leaking air, which can happen over time.  If you put your hand up to your window and feel a draft, or if your window is cold on the inside when you touch the glass in the winter, those are obvious signs your windows aren’t doing their job.

Jeff has an old 70’s farmhouse with older windows, and certain windows require foam strips and basement windows need plastic over them in the wintertime to keep warm air inside. It’s a chore and definitely not energy efficient to do weather-proof windows every year.  If you’re looking for quality, custom-fit energy efficient windows, BOSS can now provide those for you.

What is the Process of Getting New Windows?

Just like a new bathroom, furnace, water heater, or air conditioner upgrade, when you’re looking to replace old windows, we would have a BOSS Comfort Advisor come out to your home. They will ask questions about our goals for replacing your windows. Then our comfort advisor would meticulously measure your windows. These aren’t just catalog ordered or ready-made windows. We provide custom-made windows specifically made for your window openings. Once we’ve made measurements, we will provide the homeowner plenty of style options. We also have dozens of colors and wood grains to choose from. 

We have double hung, sliders, bay and bow windows, and more so we could provide windows for your entire home if you like. Once our comfort advisor puts a quote together, you choose the option you’re comfortable with, and the factory makes each window specifically for your home. You can even get your blinds built in between two panes of glass so you never have to clean them. There’s so many customizable options so we want to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for before we place an order to our manufacturer.

Made in Michigan for Michigan!

With all of our products, we try to support Michigan-based businesses as much as possible. We sell Bradford White water heaters because they’re made in Michigan. We also sell Well Connect hybrid geothermal systems made in Alpena, Michigan. So now our window manufacturer is right out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This makes us feel good because all the windows that we order and install are made locally.

Why Go with BOSS Services for Windows?

We decided to sell this line of windows because they are one of the few, if not the only window company that has a lifetime guarantee.  In Michigan, a limited lifetime warranty is 20 years.  So if at any time in 20 years, something should happen that your windows need to be repaired or replaced, we will provide parts, materials, and even an entire window replacement completely free of charge. 

For the first 2 years, there isn’t even a service charge to come out and repair or replace a window!  If something should happen after 2 years, there is a $60 service fee, but that’s the only charge you’ll absorb.  They won’t charge you a dime otherwise, whether performing a minor repair or an entire replacement!

Questions About Windows?

Our new home service is so new that we haven’t even built a webpage for it yet on our website, but we do have a blog about 5 reasons our windows are the best in Michigan here: https://thebossservices.com/5-reasons-our-windows-are-the-best-in-michigan/ we are booking FREE window consultations right now.  You can call 269-468-6682, and our schedulers will get you on the books to have a BOSS Comfort Advisor come out and examine, measure, and provide you with a quote for a window replacement.

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