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Save Money Heating Your Home with Well Water This Winter

Raising the Standard Podcast Episode 79

Every method of converting fuel into heat costs money. Whether you’re using natural gas, electricity, or propane, heating your home during a Southwest Michigan winter will cost you money, especially with rising energy prices. If you are looking to save money by heating your home this winter and have well water, read more to find out how a Well-Connect system might be the most cost effective solution for you!

How Does Well-Connect Work?

Well-Connect is a hybrid geothermal system that runs your well and converts your well water into heating and cooling for your home. The Well-Connect works w​​ith your existing furnace so nothing has to be replaced unless your furnace is old. In summer, you won’t have to worry about your AC blower motor since Well-Connect will do the work for you. On colder winter days, Well-Connect will use your furnace as a backup for extra support when needed. Well-Connect will provide 90% of your heating needs and 100% of your cooling needs! 

For further information on the Well-Connect system, you can visit www.WellConnectGeo.com

Money Saving Perks

The extra cost-savings kick in when Well-Connect turns on your furnace only when absolutely necessary. According to data from Well-Connect, clients in northern Michigan in the month of January had their furnaces turn on for only one hour throughout the night from midnight until 1:00AM. Their furnaces would not need to be turned on for any other hour of the day, greatly saving on electricity costs. On average, most Well-Connect households save 50-70% on energy costs per year!

Are You a Candidate for Well-Connect?

If you:

  1. Have a well
  2. Use propane, fuel-oil, electricity or wood
  3. Have ductwork in your home or have room for additional ductwork to be installed

Well-Connect may be a worthwhile investment for your home!

Curious about how well-connect works and want more information? Here is a great blog that covers just that: https://thebossservices.com/hybrid-geothermal-hvac-system/

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